First time mom here!! :)

  • Hey everyone!! I am new to this group. I am about 5 weeks along now. This is my first pregnancy. Does anyone have any advice? I would really appreciate it. Anything from cravings to aches and pains, any advice would help.



  • First of all congratulations! Being a Dad, I may know what you might expect, but I'll leave most of the advice up to the ladies!

    My only advice is to take your pregnancy day by day and remember that whatever discomfort or stress you may feel will seem insignificant once you have your beautiful baby in your arms.

    Best of luck and welcome to the strong moms site!

  • Take it one day at a time and come back often, especially when you have specific questions. I lived with my "What to Expect" book chained to my side during my first pregnancy, just so I could quickly look up anything I had a question about. This site is a great resource, and even better than a book, has a convenient search engine to get you to the answers faster!

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am a first time mom and began on this website at the beginning of my pregnancy as well. There is alot of useful information here so I would suggest to keep up with their conversations.

    As for advice on the pregnancy, I would say enjoy every day to the fullest. Dont give in to all of your cravings or else you can gain alot of weight. Also try to avoid the extra stress since your baby can sense this. Just enjoy your pregnancy.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. Big Smile

  • My best advice is to just try to enjoy your pregnancy and don't worry too much.  There will probably be times where you're totally miserable and want nothing more than to have your baby, but there's also nothing that can compare to the bond you're already forging while your baby grows inside you.  With my first pregnancy things went fairly smoothly and a made a good transition from preggo to mommy.  This time around my hormones went crazy and I had many more rough times.  Despite the rough times there still have been times where I've missed being able to feel my son moving around inside my belly.  I'm not saying I'm not glad to have him, it's just realizing that he may be the last baby I have that gets me down sometimes. 

    As far as the worrying thing, I know many first-time mommies (and any mom for that matter) tend to worry about practically everything while they're pregnant.  The best thing to do is calm down and try to relax.  If something is really bothering you then call your doctor and ask about it!  That's their job and that's what you or your insurance company is paying them for.

    Anyway, best of luck to you during your pregnancy!  I hope that you get some good advice here and feel comfortable continuing to share with us!Smile

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! The best advice I can give you is to take everyone's remarks and comments with a grain of salt! You will hear things like "OH MY...You look soooo big.. Are your sure there is just one in there!" and you will hear "My sister's feet were swollen and it turned out that she had a rare pregnancy condition!!!"

    While well meaning, people are not always sensitive to the needs and feelings of pregnant women. Trust yourself and listen to your doctor---and most of all, enjoy these next 9 months because believe it or not, it will go by too fast.

    Congratulations and welcome to Strong Moms!

  • Prenatal yoga - great way to practice breathing & stress relief techniques for use during labor.  Keeps you engaged in regular light exercise that focuses on your circulation and locations of typical pregnancy aches (back, legs & feet, pelvic joints, etc.)  Also a good way to network with other mommies in your neighborhood!  Wink

  • My advise would be to stock up on sale item a little at a time now while you are pregenat. Things that you use around the house (paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent, the body soap, shampoo, ect..) stuff that will not go bad and that you will use. Hand soap, Hand santizier stuff like that. You might not want to go out of the house much after you have the baby. (Everyone is different) You might not want to go to the store or you might not have time. I didn't have food cravings the I just added 2 snacks to my diet but you have to see what you oby gyn suggests for you. At the end I started to feel very "hevey". Some good support pillows will help latter when your belly starts to get bigger.

    Good Luck


  • get a notebook and keep track of websites that people suggest like this one.  I didn't find out about it til after I got home and could have used the diaper bag.  I found journaling a good release and it came in handy when I went on bed rest and one day blured into the other.  I am using the info for my daughters scrapbook.  Good luck, congrats and remember you can learn so much from reading all our posts

  • I just had my first child, a son.  I am so excited, one thing I wish someone would have said was watch out for those "charlie horses".  Make sure you don't point your toes to stretch in the morning, instead flex the toes toward you.  I woke up one morning don't remember when they set in but I cried out until my husband woke and helped me with these horrible calf cramps.

  • OMG, ditto to Jrochelleh - those "charlie horses" are no joke!!  I wasn't sure if other women got them either.  I also figured out it has to do with stretching with feet pointed vs flexed.  Go with flexed!  Avoid the pointed!

  • YEP! You're right about the Charlie Horses...I have jumped out of bed numerous times screaming in pain. They are really no joke!

  • Hi and congratulations!  If you work, you may find that it really helps to keep a stash of healthy snacks at your work locker, because sometimes you can get REALLY hungry quickly when pregnant.  (My work locker got pretty full!) I found convenient items that didn't go bad quickly were granola bars, crackers, pre-packaged sealed fruit cups.  Whenever I was hungry, I ate - I just made sure it would be healthy for the baby.   Also, try to drink water pre-emptively (i.e. don't leave it until you get really thirsty) - I found bringing a water bottle to work helped with this.  If your workplace doesn't allow food and drink in your main workstation (this was my situation in the job I had in my 1st pregnancy), then try to take frequent, quick bathroom breaks - every time you use the bathroom, swing by your locker for some quick sips of water.

    I totally agree with the advice about the painful charley horse leg cramps.  It's usually well after the 1st trimester that they can hit so you will be fine for awhile, but avoid toe-pointing stretching now to get in the habit.  (I'm using this approach now in my 2nd pregnancy to try to avoid these cramps).

    Congratulations again!  Pregnancy is an exciting time!

  • Congrats and welcome to the group!! We are happy to help you with all your questions and concerns. I am pregnant for the first time and I am due at the end of March, so we're in the same boat! Every pregnancy differs, but it's so exciting, isn't it!? Just take things day by day and don't anticipate anything because you never know. Make sure you are eating healthy foods and staying hydrated, especially during this hot weather. You are now eating for two, but that doesn't mean indulge in unhealthy foods and use pregnancy as an excuse. You want to be the healthiest you can be now, both for you and the baby. 5 weeks is still pretty early, but soon you may urinate more frequently, feel bouts of nausea, and have breast tenderness that may last your entire pregnancy. You may begin craving foods, most likely salty foods, or may begin having food aversions to foods that you once enjoyed. Certain smells may make you sick, but this will pass. Enjoy your pregnancy. This is a great time in your life. Congrats again!

  • I'm a first time mom too! Im  at 14 weeks going on 15 weeks soon. Its weird that I dont look pregnant. haha. But anyway.. They do have these bars that are called "belly bars" and they have DHA in them so it helps the baby (I believe thats what it said). I'm not sure if they have a whole bunch of kinds but I found (in Target and I heard Babies R Us had them) a fruity/nutty kind and a chocolate kind that help the cravings instead of eating the bad stuff. haha.. Oh and I also read that almonds are a good snack to snack on! Just don't eat too many. Maybe a hand full. I also keep dried fruit at my side incase I get hungry at night.