• Ok so i am  7 weeks 1 day, and my boobs and my lower stomach itch something fierce!  Is this natural?  I know the skin stretching will cause you to itch, but so soon?  I don't even have much of a bump.  What about you ladies?

  • Between the winter weather and hormonal changes of pregnancy, I would say this is totally normal. You might buy a tub of cocoa butter and go crazy with it. I loved the creams designed for pregnant bellies, but the 2nd time around the budget was tighter and I used the cocoa butter with vitamin e. It didn't have the same satin texture as the other creams, but if helped with dryness and itching.

  • Yes, this is natural. I had extreme itching when I was pregnant. I can't remember how early in the pregnancy but I remember having it for a long time. I also used coco butter cream and lotions. I was always scratching my belly and breast. 

  • I'm 15 weeks and I'm right along with you.  Sometimes I have to use my boyfriend to hide me so I can itch when in public! lol

  • I've been itching insanely too!  The dry winter mixed with being in the wind for my job and my tummy starting to stretch are all factors (I think).  This has actually had a great consiquence though, because my husband has taken to rubbing baby lotion on my skin a couple times a week.  It's a great way for us to keep our bond strong and maintain intimacy even when I'm not feeling very sexy, and it's soooo nice to use the Lavender Sleepytime baby lotion right before bed!

  • I'm pretty sure nothing (and everything) is "normal" right now Wink. Itching is not uncommon during pregnancy though you should keep an eye on it, if it becomes a problem or looks like something worse you should see a doctor right away to prevent it from getting worse. In the meantime use it as an excuse to get a little closer with your significant other... it'll not only help your itching but boost your relationship too!

  • It could be a pregnancy rash called PUPPS. I gave birth almost 7 weeks ago, and I still have it. It usually starts itching in your stretch marks, and spreads to most of your body. It has little white bumps, and if you scratch enough it will bleed and scab up, and its really ugly.  It is horrible itching, and you will go crazy scratching. Talk to your doctor, the sooner the better, and they should send you to a dermatologist. Mine put me on a steroid cream (which is totally safe for the baby) and a prednisone taper, which are pills you take for a month, and they stop the itching. They also prescribed me some benadryl to help me sleep. It really doesn't help with the itching, but it will give you enough relief to get some sleep.

  • I got super sensitive and itchy from the start with my first and had c-sections so with my second and now 3rd pregnancy almost over the only thing that has changed is that my back is ungodly itchy.  Probably since I'me heavy in the front with baby my back is being pulled and stretched so I have my hubby rub thick lotion on my back every chance I get.  I'm fair skinned and also have sensitive skin and the cocoa butter was too heavy for me personally but I absolutley LOVE bath and Body works body butters....I can put it on in the morning and it will last all day until I go to sleep when i rub more on before I snooze.