If The Baby Is okay

  • How Do i know If The Baby Is Okay My Doctors Appointment Was So Far Away From The Last

  • How many weeks pregnant are you? When is your next doctor's appointment? Unfortunately, when you are newly pregnant, there is no way to really know how the baby is doing from one appointment to the next. Later on in the pregnancy, you will be able to feel the baby move and it is awfully reassuring. If you are worried that something may be the matter or if you start to experience symptoms that are worrisome like cramping or bleeding, you should contact your OBGYN immediately and she will get you in to see her ASAP.

    If you are feeling fine, try and relax as much as you can during these first few months and learn about your baby's development. Take your prenatal vitamins and drink plenty of water. Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Strong Moms! Let us know some more about you and keep us informed on your pregnancy!

  • If there is any specific problem, you should always contact your doctor if you are unsure. Why guess? If there is nothing specific, no discomfort or anything physically wrong, then assume the baby is OK until your next visit!

  • My guess is that you're in your first two trimesters and you're only seeing your doctor once a month. This is perfectly normal, especially since these visits usually only consist of getting your blood pressure taken, listening to the baby's heart beat, and measuring your belly. There's not much to monitor in these early months since your baby is so small, unless there is an issue that's caught early.

    If you have concerns, you should definitely contact your OB and talk about them. But for the most part, this time is for taking care of yourself so that your baby is growing to be healthy.

  • when i was pregnate i was so worried the baby wasnt ok but he turned out fine and im sure yours will too. i think its just a thing we all do is keep it in our mind that something might be wrong b/c we are so scared if that was to be true but you really should just assume everything is fine unless you know for sure b/c you will just stress yourself out for no reason and that really is not good for the baby i dont know if it hurts them but i think they can sense if your upset or stressed out so i would just try to not worry about anything im sure your baby is probably fine but like everyone already said if you feel like something is ever wrong you should get in touch with your o.b.g they will find out for you...but dont worry enjoy your pregnancy as best as you can some peoples are not easy like mine = ( i was in and out of the hospital for all kinds of things but my baby turned out fine after everything i went threw good luck to you let us know how everything goes

    ~Alyssa Rae~

  • I went through the same emotions. When I didnt feel the baby move or even when I did not feel sick I would wonder if the baby was doing okay. But eventually I stop worrying because it was all in my head. I am finally at 33 wks and the baby is healthy as can be. So dont worry about it. And if you really have concerns do what everyone else has said that speak to your doctor. Good luck and enjoy Smile