Souped-up Sex Drive

  • With the second trimester come lots of wonderful experiences. Among the most welcome are relief from morning sickness and fatigue – and surprisingly, a big boost in your libido.

    This was especially true for me with my first pregnancy, and it definitely caught me off-guard, especially since I did not feel at all attractive. What changes have you noticed in your sex life since you hit the 12-week mark? 

  • I think that I wanted it a lot more during my first trimester.  Of course it probably doesn't help that my boyfriend is constantly trying to grope my breasts now.  I told him that I'd probably be more interested if he'd stop for awhile, but he won't listen...

  • Thank God I'm not just a crazy nymphonmaniac!  Even my husband has asked, "what's up with you lately" in a joking manner the last couple of weeks.  I'm actually about 20 weeks along, but not only have I noticed an increase in desire but also I'm feeling more and more expressive and the need to please him.  I thought I'd lost my mind but is this really normal?  I wondered if, because I'm not feeling all that attractive, my need to please him what just a reaffirmation that he is still turned on by me and my body.  Or maybe i'm just nuts?

  • It's totally normal. I think because your hormones adjust yet again to accomodate a new phase of your pregnancy that this is a very common side effect. My libido on a regular basis is not the greatest, but when I was pregnant, it really went into overdrive during the second trimester. I notice a simmilar pattern with being on the pill, now. Around the middle of the month I want to be romantic more than any other time. It has to have something to do with the progesterone/estrogen balance going on. I also noticed that my sex drive also increased when my polycycstic ovarian syndrome got under control. This condition, which went undiagnosed for a VERY long time, messes with the balance of hormones your ovaries produce.

    As for the wanting to please your husband ... not sure about the reasons behind that. It may be because you are feeling your sexuality more that you're feeling more adventurous as well. Our inhibitions fly out the window when those amorous desires are in full swing. It could be that you're reaching a new place in your sexual relationship with your husband. Whatever the reason, as long as you're happy with it, I say embrace it and enjoy.

    I also totally understand the whole groping issue. My husband has been obsessed with mine since our second date and he simply could not get enough when I was pregnant (and now that that they haven't gotten smaller two years after). He just doesn't get that the more he does it, the less it does it for me. It's got to be a guy thing.  

  • HAHAHA IT'S TOTALLY A GUY THING!?!? LOL We haven't figured that out yet? lol, I am practically a nympho god make me feel all left out!  I'm talking even when not pregnant, but with my first 2 pregnancies I was really "wanting" it.  With this one however, OMG I feel awful.  It's completely unbearable for me and I feel so bad for my hubby because he tries and I just wind up in pain and it sucks big time!  I have no libido and when I do, he's not home because we work oppisite schedules which makes it even harder to be together.  I miss my sex drive.....[:'(]

  • I'd kill for a sex drive like yours! As for your poor husband, now might be a good time to concentrate on him for a bit. Take one for the team now and then to keep that connection going.

    When I got too big to have sex comfortably, foreplay was just as satisfying physically and emotionally. And if you're not in the mood, well, you could always give your husband's seduction skills a test drive. I find that my husband wants to have sex much more than I do, and if he's particularly amorous or does the right things, he can change my mood  pretty easily. If you're in the morning sickness phase, I'd say skip the sex, but later on there are more possibilities.