What maternity wear do I need for winter?

  • I'm in my 2nd pregnancy and due late Feb.  I'd like to know what maternity wear I need to get for the winter?  This wasn't a problem with my 1st pregnancy because I wasn't all that far along in mid-winter.  What items will I need this winter (I'm thinking for outdoors or running errands etc)? I do have fall maternity wear (pants, long-sleeved T's) from my last pregnancy.  I'd like some ideas of some practical clothing combos I should go for when I buy winter wear.   I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I don't need many different outfits as if I were working.  I do like the outdoors in winter so I'm not planning to be stuck inside the house all the time! 

    Oops, nearly forgot to mention what I mean by 'winter'..... winters here are, at coldest, in the low teens, but temperatures more usually hover in the twenties (i.e. below freezing but not really bad).  We get some snow occasionally but not very much.  We sometimes get some sleeting rain but for the most part it is pretty dry. 

    I would love to get advice of what winter combos worked for everyone!


  • First, you need to purchase a maternity winter coat. A maternity pea coat is usually the best choice because it is wool, which keeps you extra warm, and it is double-breasted. Buy some comfy maternity jeans with an elastic waist, some nicer sweat outfits, and a few cozy sweaters. Knit dresses with spandex leggings are a good choice too. Hope this helps!

  • Remember that your body temp will be running a bit high due to the stress of the pregnancy on your body and the upsurge in hormones, so you may not need to bundle up as much as you would normally. I delivered in December and worked with what I had at home as far as coats go. I like my jackets a little roomy. Other than that, long-sleeved maternity shirts, jeans, and dressy pants worked for both work and play for me.

  • I was due in late Feb. with my third child and here in the midwest, it can get cold in the teens and twenties. I never needed to purchase a winter coat because I was always so hot. You might find that you are hotter than usual so the weather feels great. I did just fine with a few maternity sweaters and long sleeve turtlenecks. Try the layered look and that way you can take things off if you get a bit too hot. If you find that you are colder than I was, you can invest in a maternity coat or buy an oversized fleece jacket and pair that with a sweater.

    I couldn't have gotten through the winter without a few great pairs of maternity jeans. Stretchy but comfortable yoga pants were also a great hit for lounging around the house on those cold winter days.