Some question for a first

  • I am a 24 year old and im 14 weeks going on 15 weeks. I just want to know when they do the ultrasound when can they find the sex of the baby? I think its a girl. I feel like its a girl. I hope it is. Anyone else get that feeling?


  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! Usually they do the big ultrasound between 18 and 20 weeks and if the baby cooperates, they can usually tell the gender of the baby. Sometimes if they do an ultrasound earlier (like 15 or 16 weeks) they can see whether it is a boy or a girl. With my daughter, they told me it was a girl at just 16 weeks. No matter whether it is a boy or a girl, the first time you see your baby up on the big screen is priceless!

  • Congrats!! An ultrasound can usually detect the sex of the baby around 18-20 weeks, depending upon the position of the baby. It sounds like you are hoping for a girl, so think pink! There are some funny old wives' tales to indicate that you're having a girl such as if you're carrying higher, if the baby's heartbeat is faster (but heartbeat is not affected by sex until birth!), if you're craving chocolate more often, if the father of the baby gains weight along with you, if you're gaining weight in your face and your cheeks are rosy, if you're left breast grows larger than the right, if you develop acne during your pregnancy, if you hold a pendant over your belly and it moves in a circular motion! These myths are funny, but entertaining!! Don't believe everything you read, but if you truly feel like you are having a girl, then you perhaps you are right. We all know that you are at least 50% right :-). As long as the baby is healthy, feel blessed. Let us know the results! Good luck!!

  • Anytime after 20 weeks. We found out at 20 and had a 3d ultrasound to confirm. Your Physician can do the 3d Ultra sound between 28-32 weeks. It's not guaranteed that you will see much with the 3d. It all depends on the position of the baby. For a very clear 3D, there must be adequate fluid around the baby in order to see facial and genitals clear. My Physician offered a quick 3D (15min) package and a 30 min package. Talk to your Physician about these options.

  • Congratulations! As the father of two beautiful girls, I hope it is a girl too!

  • yea i just found out the sex of my baby an its a girl just what i wanted but the doctors most  time wont tell  you in till your about 18 weeksBig Smile

  • the doctor and nurse should have already told you when they will do that.  That seems odd if they haven't.  they usually keep you updated on things like that from the beginning

  • at 20 weeks if the baby cooperates they can tell

  • I was the same way I thought it was a girl.  We wanted to know, but at every ultrasound they couldn't be sure. I was in the hospital on bedrest and all they could say is "I think its a girl, but her legs are crossed. I can't be sure." We had originally said lets pick a day on the calendar, take the phone off the hook and come to the table with three names girl/boy each and then pick one.  I could only come up with girls names. Boys names stumped me. So maybe it was mothers instinct already at work, cause I got my daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!