Almost 12 weeks and showing...

  • I am pregnant with my first baby and I am already showing. I have heard from so many people that they didn't start showing until later on in their pregnancy. Also, I have had these hungry, nauseous feelings and the only way to get rid of them is to eat (pretty much every 2 hours), even if sometimes I am forcing myself to eat. Could I be eating too much and that is why I am showing? I started off at 120 but I have no idea where I am now and I am afraid to find out (we go to the doc on Thursday).

  • Every woman has a differenct experience; you should not compair your pregnancy to others.  Some woman show early and some never look pregnant even at 9 months.   My husband and I took a class when I was 6 months pregnant.  There were two other girls in the class that were due a month before I was.  One of the girls hardly looked pregnant and the other one was a lot smaller than I was.  My husband was worried that I might be to large, we asked the nurse and she told us every woman carries different.  She said she has seen woman who looked really small deliver really large babies and woman who looked really large deliver small babies.  I would also say that if you feel the need to eat every two hours, make sure that you are eating things that are good for you, avoid the junk.  Keep  lots of fruites and veggies around to snack on between your big meals of the day.  Saltine crackers are also a good thing to eat when you feel really nauseous.  Mint is also supposed to help with nausea.  I was not a big mint fan and tried cinnamon candy and that actually helped me.  Good luck and remember that having a happy, healthy baby is the most important thing.  You can always work on loosing the weight after he or she is born.  I am still working on my weight loss, but like my husband says I could either be skinny and have no child or have a little fat and my son.  I choose my son.  Eventually I will get my body back.  I hope all goes well for you. 

  • I remember when I got pregnant with my son I had the tiniest bump at 15 weeks. I was eating like a banchee. :) I thought I was just huge, but looking back at pictures I wasn't very big at all. I started at about the same weight as you. When you are that small it is easier to notice even the smallest weight gain.

    If eating often makes you feel better then definitely eat often. Just make sure you are eating healthy. Snack on fruit, veggies, and whole grains.

  • Thank you for the reply, it makes me feel better :)

    Yeah I really haven't been craving the bad stuff. I could practically be the spokes person for yoplait yogurt :) Eating has been the biggest thing that helps with the nauseousness (even thought that sounds weird) and also hard candy and popsicles! Thank you for the advice. Your husband sounds a lot like my husband- what would we do without them :)

  • Thanks for the reply :)

    Luckily, I haven't been wanting any of the greasy, unhealthy stuff! I think that I have eaten more yogurt than I have eaten in my entire life :) Thanks for the advice!

  • Every woman is differnt, I remember with my wife I kept expecting her to get big because as a baby both my sister and I were very large (I was practically a butterball turkey, no joke!). But she was a tiny thing the entire pregnancy (just starting to show by the end), and yet our daughter was still over 7 pounds at birth, so you never know. Eat healthy, try to focus on the positive - you're baby wants to show off already Wink - and enjoy the new experiences pregnancy will bring (some better than others, but trust me their are lots of good ones to come) Big Smile

  • Well first off CONGRATS! Secondly You sound like me! I was the same weight when I got pregnant with my first and unfortunately nothing helped with my nausea....I was sick the entire pregnancy.... Holden was fine, full term, and weighed 6.7 pounds.... he quickly surpassed the "little" baby stage and actually skipped clothing sizes... I started showing early and was very much into maternity and what was cute on to the eating all the time.... my ob actually has that as one of her nausea busters.  to literally eat every 2 or so hours a small meal or snack until the nausea subsides.  Crackers and ginger ale help as well.... ginger root is actually a stomach settler but other clear sodas can help if its the carbonation that helps.  And please don't be too hard on yourself if you gain too much weight.  Baby weight is hard to lose.  The rumor that breast feeding helps wasn't true for me at all with either my sons.  I pretty much lost the weight from my first after 2+ years and got prenant with my second.  I lost his weight after 3+ years and am pregnant again (I'm starting to see a pattern hereStick out tongue) now granted I'm not all gung-ho to dish out hundreds of dollars to a gym when I could spend it on my kids, but I cut back and watched what I ate.  The way I see it is to me... what's more important?  Spending time on my body to look better or spending the time with my kids and being a mommy?


    And congrats again I go back for my 30 week check up thursday as well!

  • It is so funny how everyone is different. My husband and I were both very small, even up until about college---but I guess you never know!

    Yes, I am definitely excited for what is to come, especially the baby kicking!

    Thanks for the reply :)


  • With my 1st child (a son) I got pregnant around the end of September/beginning of October and was exclusively in maternity clothing by Christmas.  I started out at 125 lbs and ended up just over 175 lbs!  It took about a year and a half (and a job at Curves) to take the weight off.  I never had any morning sickness or nausea.  I tell people that if I hadn't gained all of the weight and gotten a big belly I wouldn't have even thought I was pregnant. 

    With my second child, 5 years later (a girl) I started at your weight and at the very end began gaining most of the lbs - and swelling....though I was in maternity clothing "early on" again.  At the very end I had gained just about as much weight as I had steadily with my son.  With her I also had constant nausea.  Nothing helped, except like you said eating, but that wasn't even a fixer many days through the 1st trimester.

    What everyone I've ever talked to says...every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.  Another idea to try for the nausea are Sea Bands.  They are wrist bands that have a little plastic bump and are supposed to "control" or "subside" nausea by placing pressure on the underside of your wrists.