Is it real?

  • I feel like sometimes its just not real, like Im not actually pregnant. Im very excited to be, so its not like I dont want to be..Im just wondering if its normal? Big Smile I cant wait to get to the doctor just so they can show me the baby again and make sure its this normal?

  • In the early stages of pregnancy it is completely normal to doubt if you really are pregnant. Unless your pregnancy symptoms are really overwhelming, it is common for many moms to feel completely "normal" and wonder if the pregnancy test they took is really accurate. I really never felt "pregnant" until I started to show and even then...sometimes it takes until the baby is actually moving before you truly believe thre really is a little guy in there. Congratulations on your pregnancy and keep us posted! Welcome to the boards

  • Yes, yes, yes!  Your feelings are totally normal.  I felt that way during my first pregnancy, and now I feel that way again only a few weeks into my second pregnancy.  I know time drags in these early months but, before you know it, every move you make will remind you that you are indeed pregnant! 

  • Sometimes we believe that things are just too good to be true! I understand how you feel! It is 100% normal to feel that way, especially because you want this baby and you want everything to be perfect. Don't worry! This is a great time in a woman's life and enjoy every minute of it! Soon, you will be holding your little bundle of joy in your arms! Congrats!!
  • I am feeling the same way.  After trying for about a year we recently found out I am pregnant.  Because of the problems I was having we don't know when I got pregnant or how far along I am.  We will hopefully know in about 2 weeks when I have my first exam.  Besides my breasts being very sore and being a little more tired, I feel completely normal.  I often forget when I wake up in the morning.  Is it normal to not really feel any different?  I just expected to have morning sickness or something by now.

  • Yeah its real. And yes it is normal to feel like it isn't because I feel that same way sometimes and I am 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant right now so its ok to feel the way you do.