Newbie Mother to be

  • Hello all. I recently got wind of this website from a package my obgyn gave me as a congrats for my pregnancy. I hav ebeen married for a year and a half and we had decided to wait a year so that i could be comfortable with the idea of having i decided to wait a 21 years old and my husband is 27. this is our first baby and we are very excited.


    being pregnant is the most beautiful thing in the world to me right now, besides the discomfort. im at 15 wks right now and sometimes i get terrified as to what i would need for the baby room, birthing process..ect. any advice at all that anyone could give? im excited yet scared cuz this is my first time carrying and I want all to go well, even thru all the things that go unexpectantly. I had no idea what to ask my obgyn and i have no idea what to look for in anything. we got some baby clothes and tons of receiving blankets, and a crib from my mom. im just wondering what else we would need. LOl im sorry this is so long guys. i figured someone would help me with finding some answers since i was reading through all the posts before i joined.


    you all seem like a really nice bunch of people, so i decided to give it a shot.

  • hi, my name is toni and i just had my 3rd baby. with each one, the amount of things that i bought decreased. i have found that for me, simple is better.  i would recommend that you buy plenty of diapers and wipes.  you will be amazed at how many diapers you will go though and how fast you will go through them.  my son had to stay in the hospital for 5 days and when i brought him home he had a diaper rash.  i changed him every 30 minutes until the rash went away (that's ALOT of diapers).  i hope this does not happen for you but just in case it's better to be prepared.

    most doctors recommend that you don't take the baby out for 6 wks (especially now during flu season) so those little sleep n play outfits are good as far as clothing goes. they are warm, footed and some have sleeves that flip over the hands so they won't scratch themselves.

    once you bring your baby home your mother instincts will kick in and you'll know if you need anything else.  i was 21 when i had my first baby and don't worry, your gut will tell you what to do.  you're gonna be a great mom, i can tell by the way you're trying to get prepared.


  • We have two daughters and before my first, I was terrified! What calmed me down was the realization that people have been having babies for thousands of years and with none of the modern baby-friendly amenities. That helped me stay sane, and I agree with the other posts that much of parenting comes naturally through your instincts.

    Congratulations and welcome to the site!

  • I agree that less is sometimes more! Newborn babies need surprisingly little besides YOU. That being said, you will need a crib or bassinet to put him in, you will need a place to change diapers (i.e. changing table), you will need some infant sleepers and infant gowns, you will need diapers and wipes (but don't buy too many because you may end up not liking the brand) and you will need a few bottles (especially if you are not breastfeeding). There are some great books out there that can give you a great list of products and items that you can register for etc.

    Some other items to consider are a swing, pack n play, bouncy seat etc.. Don't worry though if you don't have everything ready the day he comes home. You will have plenty of time after he arrives to get any items that you are lacking.

    Keep an open line of communication with your OBGYN and let her know if you are feeling overwhelmed or have any questions about the birthing process. "What to Expect when you are Expecting" is a great book that really does cover just about everything. Congratulations and welcome to Strong Moms.

  • thx everyone. I remember my mom telling me about swings cuz I was in one when i was a baby and loved it LOL. I wrote down everyone's suggestions but have to agree that most of the stuff I'm wondering about is mostly motherly instinct. But I have another question..what is a "pack n play"? And I'm going to go find that book too. thank you all for the warm welcome! *hugs all*

    When my mom took me out to get some baby clothes, we got alot of onesies and sleepers for infants. so I guess I'm doing okay for now. What are some tips for packing the "hospital bag"? I've been looking on some sites but they say so many different things that it gets confusing. I just need to know the most important things to pack. We put in baby socks, and blanket, wipes, and some onesies.


    I say some onesies because im a woman and I wanted a small variety of them to decide what to dress him in. oh yeah...we went for an ultrasound for the first time and we think its a boy. kept moving around like he was trying to hide from us it was funny! ok ok im ranting lol. but i go in a few weeks to confirm gender..i need to also go to the lab to get blood work done too. anyways I think I'm done now hehe.


    Love you all :)

  • what's a pack n play? And i think I will go ahead and look up that book too. thank you guys so much for your answers. I'm starting a little bit at a time to pack the "hospital bag" and I was wondering what majorly important things need to be in it? I've looked on different sites and they all say different things. I just need to know the most important things to take. We put a baby blanket, some onesies, wipes, baby socks, and a little hat. I dont know what else would be good lol.

    we went to the obgyn and got an ultrasound done for the first time, we all think its a boy! he kept moving around alot like he was hiding, lol ok I think I'm ranting now. anyways I go in a few weeks to confirm gender and I still need to go in to get blood work done.

    anyways thank u guys for such a warm welcome! *hugs all* you guys are really sweet. ^_^

  • A pack n play is a fancy name for a playpen.. but most of them come with a "bassinet" insert that allows you to use them for infants. They make a great place to lay your baby down in a living room or family room.

    As far as packing for the hospital...I have it rather streamlined now (4 times and all!!!).... I like to pack a few comfortable clothes for me to lay in bed in...tshirts and pj pants etc... A few onsies for the baby...a pair of slipper socks or slippers for your feet so you don't have to walk on the cold floor....your phone book or list of important people to call and their numbers....CAMERA.....YOUR FAVORITE PILLOW ( this makes a huge difference in comfort because usually hospital pillows are horrible and thin) ipod or somthing soothing to listen to when you are in labor...

    Other than that you are set...of course you will want to pack toiletry items like a toothbrush etc... but they have everything your baby will need including diapers, wipes, baby tshirts and blankets. You really only need to bring an outfit to take him home in and a blanket to cover him when you take him home.

    Hope this helps..congratulations on the boy!!!

  • the one thing I didn't know is how much reflux one baby could possibly have. I found it too late but with food not in play yet I suppose I found it in time. Dreft makes a spray similar to shout. It works on formula stains where others fail. I use cloth diapers on my shoulder for burping because they are absorbant and this spray works wonders and is made for babies so it will stand up to formula and food. This makes baby laundry so much easier.  Also I did a baby registry and that was good but what I really needed was extra hands. If anyone wants to get you a gift ask them for an iou for nap time. They can come over and you can nap or do something silly like shower and have peace of mind your little one is ok. Those are my two biggest pieces of advice, for any specific concerns we are here for you.