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  • well i was 15 had one month to turn 16 and found out that i was pregant, got married and gave birth in december 2006 got divorced cause the marriage did not work one he was abuseive and two because he cheat  on me with some on else. i left found some body esle and got pregant  gave birth early  and one week later my secound baby boy passed away. now am 19 3 months pregant and am gald i have a good husband who is still with me going on for four years ven though my first child is not. i love he is a great father and good husband

  • I was 16 when I got pregnant with my first baby and had him at 17 1/2. Now here I am just turned 19 back in Sept. and going to have my second baby in March. I wouldn't trade either of my little boys for the world. I stayed in school and last year when my son was 6 months old I got my high school diploma. I had a job up until Aug. but I had to quit because of some complications with this pregnancy. I am engaged to a wonderful guy and even though he isn't the father to my oldest son he loves him and treats him just like his own.


    Don't give up on getting your education just because you're going to be a teen mom. It's not as hard as everyone says it is on going to school, having a job, and raising your baby. As long as you have an amazing support group behind you; you can do anything.

  • I was pregnant with my 1st when I was 18 too! Now 5 years later Iam expecting our 2nd and actaully more nervous and I am depressed and not so happy about having another because I had plans for myself. But what I would l;ike to tell you is that its all about the support u have around you whether it be your babys father or your parents, it is a stressful and very anxious time when your pregnant as it is. Look for someone to give you support to express your fears and feelings about this, SOMEONE THAT CAN RELATE TO YOU, NOT SOMEONE WHO DOESNT HAVE KIDS!! LOL I say that becuz young people that dont have kids are on a whole other level then us young parents.  Another thing is dont be so eager to go party after u have your baby, spend ALL the time u can with your baby, you do everything not your Mom or your babys dads Mom; I have seen young parents drop there kids off w/ the inlaws or whatever and go out all time, NEVER watched their kid from a baby and now they dont even have an interest in being a parent and the kid lives with tears me up...anyway,,,you be that strong Mother that handles her buisniss watching her kid...there is no better feeling!

  • I'm 20 and I'm 27 weeks

  • I'm 18 and pregnant right now!!  I'm 20-21 weeks.  I just joined the sight today and it feels good to see other people like me. lol.

  • Hello everybody I am also pregnant for the first time and I am 32 weeks along now so I am just around the corner to pop out my new baby girl and to experience the magic of being a young mother as well. I am still in school but currently not working bcuz they won't put me on the schedule but it will all work out alright when I have her. I did not know exactly how to tell my mother when I found out bcuz it was a mistake in the first place but I got it out and told her once the rumor of me being pregnant was going around my job and my coworkers could not shut their mouths for 1 miilisecond but now this experience has made my relationship stronger than ever with my mom. I am expecting to see my first born baby girl on January 16 but I am hoping it is on a different day like January 15 or 18 or 20 bcuz it would just make me so much happier if she came on one of those days. keep me posted on how many weeks everyone is going to be in the long run and as for me I will definently post some pics. once she comes along.



  • HI Everyone!  i was 18 when i got pregnant. i had my son 2 day after my 19th birthday!! i was in labor for about 2 hours. he came soo fast i didn't get anything for the pain. child birth hurts very much. my son was 5 lbs and 13 oz he was on the small side but my boyfriend and i and not big people. my son is now 3 months old and getting so big. i love him more then anything. most of the time hes a really good baby, doesn't cry that much. hes always smiling. the hardest part of being a mom for me is sleeping he doesn't sleep though the night yet we are up about 3 times a night and some mornings hes up at 5 am ready to play and all i want to do is sleep and sine my boyfriend and i don't live together its all me all the time i don't get a brake much but when i do its so nice. mommy's need time to get away it makes you a better mom!!! if any one has any questions just let me know id love to help.

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  • I am so excited to be a new mom. I am 18 and 20 weeks pregnant. I found out yesterday that I am having a boy, just what I imagined my first born would be. I never imagined to have one this early and RIGHT before I was going to go to college. Not only that, I didnt know I was pregnant when I was working and lost my job because I kept getting sick from the smell of the resteraunt. Now every minute of every day im worried that I wont find another job. Is that a bad thing? Im constantly sad and crying because I had to move back in with my mom. Now I don't have the guts to go find a job because I will start worrying again and crying trying to talk to someone (its happened before!) seems embarassing. I have no clue what to do this is my first baby and I dont know where to start. What should I do! Is this crying thing going to pass??

  • 20 and 28 weeks pregnant. My boyfrined Dannie and I have been trying to get pregnant for three years and have been unsucessful three seperate times so am very lucky to be this far along and knowing that our chances are almost at one hundred percent our little boy is coming into this world. Losing our first at four months was devistating but we didnt give up. So feel very blessed.

  • The best place to get good advice would be your ob/gyn. Also there is a great book availible called "What to Expect When Your Expecting" it'll give you great advice for before during and after pregnancy and answers to other questions you may have during different months and Q&A about things taking place during pregnancy that you might not want to ask anyone else. Congrats & Good Luck