Christmas Dress

  • I am due on Dec 25th, and my husband work is having a Christmas party on Dec 12th, Does anyone know where I could get a nice but holidayish dress or outfit. I remeber when I had to go to wedding when pregnant with my son, I had hard time finding a nice enough dress. Thanks 



    I just got a dress for a wedding a few weeks ago.  I got my dress from and got a really fancy dress.  The  prices are really good.  And the day u put your order in the ship it out the next day if it's not on Backorder.

  • you can also go to a Motherhood Maternity store at your local mall, where you can try on dresses to ensure a good fit!

  • I wouldn't buy a dress right now for a party at the end of Dec. because you cannot predict how much weight you will actually gain and how it will be distributed on your body. I find it difficult to buy dresses in advance when I'm not pregnant, but now that I am, it's even more difficult. Plus, are you sure you can even go to this party? You said your due date is quite close to the date of this party. You will need all the rest and relaxation you can get prior to the birth of your child. Congrats on your pregnancy! Go online and do a search for "winter maternity dresses" and it should give you the results you are seeking. If you find a dress that you really like, call the nearest store to finf out if they have it in your size. Do not buy a dress in a catalog that you have not tried on first because being pregnany totally transforms you body and what usually flatters you, may not be flattering come December.

  • I agree with may not even get to go to this party. You could need the rest or you may have already had the baby! When you are sure that you may be attending this party, you can try any of the maternity stores in the mall or even online. Just make sure you know what size you truly need. I found a great elastic wasteband skirt (that isn't maternity) but it fits perfectly just below my belly and then I used a nice Velvet shirt from a maternity store when I had to attend a Christmas party a few years ago.

    Whatever you do, don't take the tags off until the night of the party to ensure that you don't end up buying a dress you don't need.

  • Check 2nd hand stores that are upper scale. That's what I am planning..