my belly

  • hi iam 20 weeks bout to be 21 weeks i find out tomorrow what the gender is but my stomach is not big at all iam worried i do have a little bump but its not big i know everyone is different but still i guess iam just worried iam doing something wrong this is my first baby. thanks


  • Meg

    There is probably nothing to worry about. With my first I did not even show until I was almost seven months. However, talk to your doc about it if you feel there could be something wrong.

    I am now on my third and 19weeks along I just found out on the 13th I was having a girl.

    Congrats and good luck to you.




  • Can't say I have any serious input here, but my feeling is a lot of women who get large early in their pregnancy probably wish they had your problems!

  • i was the same way.

    theres nothing wrong with being smaller. im 31 weeks and ive only gained 15 pounds at the most. im not very big at all. the doctor says my baby is growing perfectly healthy. to ease your mind just have them measure you at the doctors.

  • No worries dear! The biggest issue with first baby is that rather than thinking you're doing everthing right, which you are, we all judge ourselves and assume we're doing everything wrong. With my first child, I didn't even really show much til into my 3rd trimester. This time however, I am on my 5th child, 15 weeks along and showing like i'm much farther. It seems to get quicker each pregnancy. Please don't worry. And if you must, worr about what color the nursery will be  :)

  • Every woman carries differently based on a combination of factors including, height, weight, genetics, baby positioning  and muscle tone. I showed very early with my children, but then again....I am only 5'2" and have very little room for any growing baby. Your doctor will follow you closely and measure your uterus for the proper growth. If you are still anxious, let your OBGYN know so he can put your mind at ease. Good luck and congratulations

  • I agree with the others. Every woman is different. Some women carry large while other women are carry very small. I have heard stories from women who do not even know they are pregnant until they have stomach pains leading them to the hospital only to find out they are in labor! Have regular check-ups with your OB and ultrasounds to monitor the baby's growth and development, so if there is a problem, you can address it as soon as possible. Just relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Congrats!

  • by the time i was 21 weeks i looked like i was ready to have the baby. your belly size depends on the baby and your height

  • thank you iam 5'2 and ya its big now  iam due in a week  iam excited

  • thank you ya my belly is big now cause iam due in a week..

  • Congratulations and GOOD LUCK.....let us know how it goes!