Streach Marks???

  • Im almost 20 weeks and im starting to far h dont have any strech marks and i want to keep it that way!! lol hewever women in my family have been known to get extermaly bad streach marks. I have bought the lotion that is supposed to help pervent them from looking so bad. What i was wondering tho was if anyone has figured out how to not get them at all???????

    Im mostly concerned about getting them on and around my breats'.

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza

  • Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent stretch marks. You are either prone to get them or not. Luckily, after the pregnancy...some of them will fade away and you may only be left with a few. If I hear of anything else to try...I will let you know! Good luck

  • Stretch marks cannot be prevented and there is no cure. Lasers can fade them and make them less noticeable, but treatments are very expensive and painful. There are many gimmicks on the market, but be careful. Lotions, such as coco butter, tummy butter, and oils, such as Vit E and BioOil can help moisturize the skin, but if you are genetically prone to stretch marks, you can't do much. Stretch marks do fade over time and these lotions/oils may help them fade quicker. Stretch marks are a part of pregnancy. Don't worry about their appearance. Just take one day at a time and enjoy your pregnancy.

  • 26 weeks here. I am concerned as well. However, it seems #1 we wont see them until after you loose the weight and it seems very hereditary.  My sister swears by coco butter even the very cheap type and vit E topical.  Key is to watch how much we gain but isn't easy.

  • i had my daughter this January 2009 and i can say i haven't had any stretch marks on my belly at all. the palmer's coco butter really helped a lot. i would use it faithfully when i was about 3 months till i was 6 or 7 months everyday all day if i had to only because i was devastated about getting them on my belly.  and i can honestly say it really worked. the only thing i regret is using the lotion anywhere else that ends up stretching like my butt, hips, and boobs.  the one advise i can give is if you are using the lotion, just use it very often or all day long if you want everywhere you think you may have them.

  • I made it to month 8 of my pregnancy with no stretch marks to show and it was like bam! overnight they appeared on my hips and stomach! I used cocoa butter and oil both daily on both areas so I'm gonna have to say you will get them if you are genetically predisposed to them.  Maybe what would help for breasts is making sure you never become engorged and nursing/pumping to prevent that.  Good Luck!!

  • Yea, so far so good. No strech marks! (at least that I can see.) and i think that the coca butter lotion is really working. Im really startin to love that stuff. everytime my tummy starts to itch i just put it on and everything is hunky dory again! Big Smile 

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza