When will I show?!?

  • I know that it's different for every woman, but I still have to ask. 

    I'm 23, and 8 weeks and 5 days preggo.  I am about 5'7, and right now I weight 150-ish pounds.  I am not in GREAT shape.  I don't know if the belly I am getting is bloating, because it's up near my belly button, not down where my uterus is.  How about you ladies?  I just want to show!  LOL.  I don't want to just look like I am putting on weight.  Sad

  • I'm 16 weeks now and I think that I've been showing for a week or two.  Before that I think I looked bigger and I thought I looked pregnant, but other people didn't.  I know with my first pregnancy I started showing a little later though.  They say that you show a little faster the second time around, but like you said everybody is different.Smile

  • It really differs for everyone, but it seems like most first timers really start to show baby belly about 20 weeks or so. It stinks to have to wait that long b/c you are so proud of your belly. There also seems to be a lot of bloating in the first trimester that makes your belly poke out. When it really "pops" you will know it. :)

  • Sorry to say but my darling wife honestly did not show until almost the end of her pregnancy and even then you'd think she was only a little bit pregnant. Some mom's grow so big their belly buttons pop from inie's to outie's and others can get away with never showing... my wife was the latter it seems. If you want to really see a difference though you can do a couple of great things:

    1) Measure yourself with a measuring tape from your belly button to your spine and back again, remeasure each week and keep a record of the number.

    2) Take pictures! Snap a shot of yourself with your shirt off (or up if you're shy Wink).

    With numbers in hand and photos ready you can flip through either one and see them grow, it's a lot of fun Big Smile.

  • I think it all depends on your body type, how you're carrying and what kind of clothes you're wearing. I showed early for both my girls, but I found a cute maternity shirt when I was pregnant with my second daughter that had me showing at like 12 weeks. I asked a co-worker who knew I was preggers if I was showing and she said yes.

    I think the important thing is to enjoy your experience, no matter when you start to pop. Soon enough you'll be wishing your baby belly was not quite so out there -- especially when you can't sleep!