how can you get your husband to get u what u want to eat?

  • you always have to remind them what to buy if not they will forget.

  • From a husband's point of view, we have very limited capacity for memorizing things, unless it is useless sports statistics. That being said, communicating exactly what you want isn't so hard, is it? I bet if you do that, he gets you what you want every single time.

  • Wink me, i act sooo sweet..but if he dont like what i want, i go and buy it myself the one suffering not him...hehehe..he doesnt mind anyway..coz even if he does, he has no

  • EASY!!! My husband is wiped!! lol jk but no he is really sweet about it most of the time he doesn't even have to have me tell him, he already knows. Big Smile

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza