Why are some people so insensitive? How do you handle it?

  • When my sister was pregnant, she often grew upset whenever she told people the names she was considering for her baby. Since the names she was considering were a bit nontraditional, she was always met with a sneer, a frown or a bit of well intentioned advice. While no one meant to hurt her feelings, they did. Unfortunately, strangers, friends and even family members can often be a bit insensitive when talking with pregnant mothers. They may criticize name choices, parenting choices or childbirth decisions. Even though these insensitive people are not out to hurt your feelings, they can be difficult to deal with. How do you handle the insensitive comments and criticisms of others when you are expecting? How can new mommies learn to let these comments roll off their backs?

  • me and my husband had the same issue when we were deciding names as well and then when my husband added an extera name which would make our son have 2 middle names, everyone had something to say about it, we would just let the ppl know that the desicion to name our son was ours alone and if they didnt like then fine, we were nice about it, they  understood but its also hard to allow things to roll off ur back when ur so emotional at times and ppl tend to not realize what they say isnt always the nicest even though they mean no harm, my advise would be to let ppl know that the things they say bother her and to understand that they dont always intend to hurt, i have a son with a nontraditional name and to boot he has a total of 4 one first two middle and his last so we get weird comments all the time especially looks when we call doctors or whatever else we need to do for him that they ask for his middle intial and i have to say he has two of them do u want just one or both .. lol ... be strong and know that the desicion she makes will always be the best one no matter how different the name is, it cam with love form his parents

  • you just have to keep in mind that your belly is poking out and thats the firsdt thing people notice about you and since it's a big thing, it may feel wierd not to mention it. it's like if you met somebody w/ a bird on their head... you'd have to mention it! and remember that EVERY pregnancy is different. i hated when my coworkers told me they only gained a few pounds or that i shouldn't be eating certain thigns... bla bla bla. My doctor and I knew my baby was safe and that's all that mattered.

  • You are all right! I have to help her realize that people do not mean to be insensitive....it is just hard sometimes! Thanks

  • When expectant parents have chosen names, it's best to keep it a secret until it's written on the birth certificate! This way, the parents can decide on a name in peace without input from others, which may sway them from their original choice.
  • I am also having problems with people you are not sensitive to how we are going to raise are daughter.  I am 35 weeks pregnant and having a girl.  Both my husband and I are not pink people so we have told veryone no pink.  Most understand but my mother-in-law is not listening and is already talking dresses with lace and frills, tea parties and lots of dolls.  We have told her that is not the way it will be.  I try to comfort myself that she is 2 hours but still, very annoying.

  • I wasn't a big pink person either, but my daughter has a mind of her own.  She completely rejected the hotwheels, dinosaurs, etc that we gave her and has favored all the girly stuff.  Also her favorite color is PINK!!! Which is completely fine by me.  So be open-minded to your mom-in-law.  She means well, and it might just be what your baby prefers.  Smile

    Yes people can be insensitive and thick-headed.  It's tempting to respond back to the insensitivity, but it's best just to let it go.  Once the baby is here and named, all their comments will stop.  If nothing is said regarding their insensitivity, no feathers will be ruffled and everyone will be happy in the end once they see that adorable baby's face.