• first time mom! after you think you feel the first movement, how often will you feel it after that?

  • Do you mean the baby moving, or first kick sort of movement? My wife could usually feel the baby moving just about anytime she shifted positions - because it would make the baby move to a new one. Kicks came later as the baby got bigger, and she liked to kick so it was pretty often.

    I would think after your baby get's big enough to really start feeling, you may grow accustomed to the sensation but you'll never actually stop feeling him/her inside you, but as a dad I cant swear to that - any other mom out there that can confirm or deny this for me?

  • It really varies from woman to woman. I felt both my children at 16 weeks. After the first movement was noticed I felt it several times a day and it increased every day. My son wasn't a huge mover, but my daughter drove me crazy.

  • You'll gradually feel it more regularly. As you progress, your OB may ask you to do kick counts, where you keep track of the baby's movements.

  • you will also find that the baby will fall into a pattern each day with sleep and awake i knew that whenever i ate she would kick and move and whenever i layed down to go to bed she would also, she would move other times to but those were when she would move the moast

  • I remember kick counts. It gave me an excuse to hang out on the couch! Big Smile I had to go in once b/c my daughter didn't move for 2 hours. As soon as I arrived at L&D she started moving all over the place.

  • Just the beginning of a child's uncanny timing!

  • I felt my daughter for the first time right about 16 weeks.  This time I'm at 18 weeks and I've been feeling the baby moving, but only when I'm sitting down eating or typing at the computer.