Pregnant, but not feeling it???

  • I am 10 1/2 weeks along and other than sensitive, big boobs I do not feel pregnant AT ALL. We had our first appointment the other day and I was able to hear the heartbeat loud and clear, so I know that little walnut is in there. Is this normal?

  • Congrats!!! How exciting!! It's still very early so you may not feel pregnant. It's still very new. Once your belly starts growing, you will definately feel pregnant! Be thankful you aren't nauseas!!!
  • Congrats, I'm 19 weeks and I didn't feel pregnant at the begining of my pregnancy. Didn't felt any morning sickness or anything. I remember people use to tell me that I was very lucky. Take it easy your time will come. Good Luck!

  • I still feel the same way and I'm 2 days away from 18 wks. I have a home heart monitor, so I can listen to the heartbeat whenever I want and I'm showing, but it just hasn't sunk in yet I guess. I go thursday to find out the sex. I KNOW I'm pregnant, but I don't FEEL it. :(

  • Congratulations! I have a 61/2 month old baby and we just  found out we are pregnant again. I did not feel pregnant with my 1st one other than my belly growing and I am going on the same route with this 2nd pregnancy. Let's just say we are one of the lucky ones out there Big Smile so don't worry, it is normal.