When did you start showing with your first pregnancies?

  • I am 21 weeks pregnant, so, 5 months pregnant.  I am barely showing yet.  I've seen other people who are huge at 21 weeks.  Someone I know is 15 or 16 weeks pregnant with her first and she's bigger than I am.  It kinda worries me at times.  I was just wondering when everyone else started showing with their first pregnancies. 


  • I am short.....so I started showing around the end of the first trimester. But my friend who is taller, didn't show until 22-24 weeks. As long as your doctor isn't concerned and you are gaining an adequate amount of weight, I wouldn't worry about your pregnancy belly. Every mommy carries their baby differently!

  • This is my first as well, and i didnt really start to show untill about 3 weeks ago. and im 26 weeks along(6 months). But i had a friend who started showing at 2 months. really i think it has to do with your body. and how big your baby is.

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza