preganant for the first time!!!!

  • Hey moms!!!! Well as you can see by my subject im preganant for the first time.  Im excite, anxious and scared all at once (if thats possible).  I was recently faced with a scare of them finding a calcium deposit around my babies heart which was a a major scared for me i cried up until i finally went to the dr.  but once i went everything turnd out now im jus trying to make the decision on if im going to breat fed or formula!!!!! ive been thinking about trying bout so that the Zhaire (thats his name) wont get attached to the breast as i was when i was a baby (my mom told me that when i was old enough to talk i said i dnt want that kind of milk i want milk from the stomach lol), any suggestions.

  • Hey! I am a first time mom also and am 26 weeks pregnant. I know how it is to be scared by something and then it turn out to be harmless if you watch it right [I just found out I have gestational diabetes]. You should read up on breastfeeding your son, there is a really informative book out that is called " New Mother's Guide To Breastfeeding" by American Academy of Pediatrics. I read this book and it answered all of my questions and more. My personal opinion is that it doesn't hurt to try nursing and if it isn't for you and your child then there is always the option of formula.

  • Breastfeeding is best for your baby, however, not every woman is able to do so. Formulas made in today's market provide the nutritional value your baby needs for a healthy growth and development. You must make that choice, as it is a personal one. Once your baby is born, you can determine if you are physically able to breastfeed. Congrats on your pregnancy.

  • There are definitely ways to breastfeed throughout your baby's first year without getting him TOO attached to the breast. You can alternate breastmilk and formula or you can opt to breastfeed for just the first 4-6 months. Talk to your doctor and see what she recommends. If you do decide to breastfeed, you can always wean him from the breast somewhere around the first year without too much trouble. Like PediNurse said, there are many great formulas on the market if you do decide to use formula instead.

  • Well currently i am 11weeks and i am a bit nervous with all these test they are runnin on me...which i know are all about reutine checks!! but still!! i pray that my baby and I are ok! still a bit excited now!