• hi everyone my name is miranda i'm 19 and 19weeks along with my first. one of my biggest problems with my pregnancy has been crying. i've never been a crier actually all my friends used to make me watch really sad things just to see if they could get me to cry, but now that i'm pregnant i can cry at a drop of a hat i hate it! going from this stone cold tearless woman to this emotional wreck. i actually started to cry during a kay jewlery commercial! any advice on how to avoid the leaking eyes?

  • Pregnancy is definitely an emotional roller coaster. If you are just experiencing teary eyes and overly emotional moments, you can blame those on the myriad of hormones flowing through your body. BUT if your tears are accompanied with feelings of sadness or depression, then you may have a more serious condition. Talk to your OBGYN to be sure and keep the lines of communication open between you and your family. You may need a dry shoulder to cry on from time to time! If you think you are suffering from some form of depression or anxiety, be sure to talk to your doctor just to be safe!

  • hey Miranda!

     crying is totally normal.. you'll experience a lot of this while your prego :) but i know its hard.. my baby will be a month old tomorrow and i am 21. He was my first and i was really scared, excited.. etc. I wasn't married and i was working and going to school. I had a lot of emotional rollercoaster rides while i was pregnant. I kept finding my fiance telling lies to me and so on.. He never cheated but it was not an easy thing to deal with and it went on while i was 5,6,7 months pregnant. Now i'm not sure if your having feelings that your so overwhelmed with how things will go after you have your baby.. but remember that its not good for you or the baby if you start stressing out. This might just be a sign of how sensitive and different you will be after the baby gets here! But like the lady before me said if you feel depressed then you should talk to your OB/GYN. They should be able to help you out! Talking to people about what is going on with you def. helps too! Good luck and feel better!


  • I know how you feel, Iam currently only 6-7 weeks but ive already broken down a few times for no real apparent reason. Iam currently working a hectic work schedule so i do attribute some to that. but Im sure you will get through it just fine :)

  • I complely understand what you are talking about im 23weeks along and was crying alot untl recently. I feel my was crying was due to some anxiety as i have gone through a miscarriage before but also i was worrying about every little thing imagine able. Hormones probably have alot to do with it but once i relized that i cannot control evrything and know that the inexpected is just part of life and everything always works out one way or another, and just communication with my family talking about the little things has helped i have had very few crying spells. Good luck and congrats:)

  • My Husband makes fun if me all the time becase they'll be times when i'm crying and it's for no reason at all. Other times i'm just overwhelmed with everything. I knwo it's mainly horomones And it'll pass as you get used to them or sadly it may last until after you have your child. I'm on my second and didn't have this issue with my first.