18 and Pregnant

  • Hi Ashley? (im assuming thats your name! :D)

    My name is Tara and I am 19. I am at 11 weeks now. I want to tell you that YOU can get through this! I was scared when I first found out i was pregnant. I was afraid to tell my parents. They think so highly of me. I get good grades in school and I've never been in trouble.  At first I was ashamed of myself... as i figured all of my friends and family would be too.  This was something that I never expected to happen.  I started to hang out with bad people when I got into college and I made really bad decisions. I met a guy who took advantage of me and I didnt even like him that much, but I finally came to my senses (sort of) and left him. Come to find out a couple days later that I was pregnant for 6 weeks already. I lost some friends and had to quit college softball which was something that I lived for.  I also thought I would have to loose my college education  knowing my parents have a hard time with finances currently.  This ultimately tore me apart. I thought I lost everything! But what I soon realized is that your family is the best support system and although I was so upset, crying every day and night, my parents backed me up and are completely willing to help me with the baby! Man do I love them! (I'm tearing up to the thought of them now!) I mean it is their grandbaby =)  and although I thought I lost some of my friends, they werent really my friends at all.  As far as college is going. Im getting as many credits as I can before the baby arrives but i've been able to find numerous scholarships for single mothers which is a good way to get college money if this applies to you... we all know babies are expensive(but hey! totally worth it right!?)

    So here I am. Happy and loving my pregnant life.  I've cleaned up my life knowing that THIS is the time for change. I Cant do anything about the mistakes I made but now I have a child to love and be with. Socially I see that people dont know now to handle my situation, but the key is to be calm. A baby is in your future! Oh, and some news for all, I just heard my baby's heartbeat last week and I teared up a bit.  I couldnt stop smiling either! I love my baby so much and I cant wait for the new addition of the family!

    Good luck to all!

  • First off....congratulations! I was in the same situation as u are in now, but i was much younger than u are. I was 15 and pregnant, and i was getting alot of nasty looks behind my back.  I will say haveing a baby is one of the best gifts anyone could ever ask for. But haveing a baby at a young age is very hard, and you must be prepared mentally and  physically for the long journey to go . The best help to have is your family. If it werent for my familys love and support i dont know what i would do. And once you see your child all of the emotions are gone and you know that you made the right choice. And dont ever let someone put you down because your  haveing a child at a young age. It didnt stop me and im still going strong.  And if your choice is not to keep it. Dont let your self think you did the wrong thing. Because only you know if it was the right thing to do or not. And i will pray for you and your child to make it ok. If you would like more information please message me back i will be more than glad to help... (:

  • Ashley, take a deep breath and let yourself feel what YOU feel. Are you happy? Are you ready? Answer "yes" to those, and I think you will be just fine. I am just barely 20, and I am 17 weeks along in my pregnancy. Even at 20, I have recieved the raised eye-brows and the concerned looks and very slyly placed insinuations..

    If you have to remind your friends and family, girls all over the world give birth at all different ages. In many cultures, girls are off and married in their early teens and have children right away. Even in America people have children very early in life. Talk to your elderly family members. Ask how old THEY were when they had children. My great grandmother was only 14 when she had her first!! My own grandmother (who frowns at my early-aged pregnancy) has no room to talk because she was merely 19!! And my Aunt Chinka was 19 too!!

    Feel good about it, and remember that you will be young and full of energy, which is what it takes to raise a child. You will be young enough and close enough to your own childhood memories to remember that kids are kids. And when your child reaches those crucial points in his or her life, you will be there to comfort them. That could make you a better mother all around.

    I hope you start to feel proud and turn your head to people who look down at you for your life path. I hope everything goes well. I'm nervous beyond belief.. so I know you must be too. Just be yourself every day and enjoy this crazy, uncomfortable, magical pregnancy. <3

  • I’m 18 and pregnant also. Yeah were younger but that does not mean we can’t be the best moms out there. We are going to have it a little harder because we are going to have to deal with people talking down on us, telling us what we should be doing, and all that other stuff.  My mom had me when she was 18 so it was really disappointing to her because she wanted so much more for me.  But I’m still going to finish college because I want to give the best to my kid. If you need anyone to talk to I’m here.