2nd child

  • I just found out I am pregnant with my 2nd child and it was kind of a surprise.  We have a 13month old  and we weren't planning on having another one until she was close to 3 yrs old.  Anyway I have been having lots of anxeity over this (along with other issues I have) and I don't even feel happy about the pregnancy and that freaks me out even more.  I want to be happy about this and enjoy my pregancy.  I keep having these fears that I won't be able to handle another child and that scares me.  I am having so much anxeity that my docotor put me on zoloft yesterday and I am hoping that will kick in soon and help me.  But I am nervous all the time and they said I cant take anything else because it might hurt the baby.  I feel like I am going crazy or I will have a nervous breakdown!!! Does anyone have any words of advice or experienced anything like this before.  Please Help!!!!!!

  • When things don't go according to plans, it can be a little bit overwhelming. As a result you may be a little freaked out about having another baby. It is good that you are talking to your doctor....continue to do this and keep him involved. Also, voice your concerns to your family and to your husband...you may need to lean on them in the upcoming months.

    I have 4 children that are all close in age and I can tell you that it is sooo much fun. Sure it is busy, but it is a blast. The kids play really well with each other because they are so close in age. When you see your two little ones playing together and having fun, you will love the fact that they are so close in age. Also, you can really do the same things with them....as they get older, you can take them to see the same movies, go on the same trips etc... As the pregnancy continues you will more than likely find yourself getting more and more excited about the idea...Good thing we have 9 months to adjust !!

  • Congratulations and try not to worry...

    Our daughters are 17 months apart, and my little one isn't walking yet, but crawls after big sister everywhere. They love each other so much, and neither will ever remember a time without the other... Best Friends for life! So don't worry about either of them getting the attention they deserve.

    Being a father of two in diapers is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, and by far the most rewarding. Like everybody else, I am constantly worried about our finances, our health and our general ability to make sacrifices for the benefit of our family, but you do your best day after day and you make it work.

    As Mommy said, lean on whoever you have to - family, friends, doctors - to get the support you need and make the last nine months alone with your daughter very special for you both.


  • My son is 4 and i'm working on our second, due in june. And i feel the same way and we planned this one. I've talked to my husband and a few other moms about it and just talking about seemed to help out.