starting to freak!!!

  • 10 weeks left and i feel like i have done nothing to prepair for my lil man coming into the world. im still having trouble finding a birthing class, my mother is supposed to be plaining my shower but i havent herd anything about it. I dont have any cloths or anything for him my friend said that she got me a car set but im yet to see it......AHHHHHH  

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza

  • 10 weeks is a way off. I know it doesn't sound like it but i was the same way with my first. Talk to your mom and see what she has going on with your shower. Just drop slight hints to your friend asking about the carseat, dont come start out and ask because you never know but it maybe a present she plans on giving you at the shower that your mother is planning to surprise you with. Dont worry  i'm sure they both have it all in plan. And if your worried about having clothes for him when he is born then go out and find a few cute things onises and sleepers they're cheap and very useful. Do whatever you can to just help you feel like your getting ready for the Big day. Good luck and congrats.

  • i forgot to add in my other message that On my first i didn't take any kind of birthing classes and everything went great for me

  • No birthing classes? how did u know what to do? im so scared that its going to hurt. because i guess all of the babies on my husband's side of the family have treally big heads (for example his mother said that his head alone was 16cm) umm OUCH!!!!!

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza

  • Hi!  My husband and I signed up for birthing classes really late with our first child (which was only 21 months ago)!  We were only able to go to one class. :)  We worked with the Education Department at the hospital where we signed up for the classes and checked out some videos.  You might want to try this or check out some birthing books/videos from your local library.  I felt the same way as far as preparation; however, we learned that a lot of what you need is already inside you and around you.  You'll be a great mom and you'll do fine.  After our lil princess was born, my husband and I continued to talk with other parents, read, talk with grandparents, etc.  So, you'll be fine!  Just keep moving and if you know what you need now, just working on getting it little by little.  Praying for you to have a great end of your pregnancy!  A little nervousness just comes with the territory--just remember to trust yourself and rely on the love you have for yourself and your baby.  Peace and Hair Grease! 

  • it really just came naturally to me i just did what they told me when they told me to do it. All babies have big heads...but they also aren't hardern like the rest of their bones so they pass easier, plus you'll cervix expands to 10cm so it was only 6 that it had to stretch for which that area is made to do. I'm not going to lie to you about it. It does hurt but once you start using the pain to push..once your aloud to push...then it's really easy. Plus they have lots of different kinds of pain management ways that you can discuss with your OBGYN to see what you want to use. Dont worry, try finding books on it or if your brave enough videos ( i was not brave enough for those) and talk to other poeple you know that have gone thru it. Alot of the ladies on here have loads of good advice i haven't been on here very long but i've gotten loads of good ideas from them.

  • 10 weeks away is still a long time....although it sounds like you are starting to nest! If your mother is planning a baby shower, then you will probably get plenty of things there. Once you have had your shower, then you can get the few remaining items you need before baby arrives. Your local hospital should be able to sign you up for birthing classes and we took ours between 32-36 weeks.

    Remember this....babies need very few things at first. They need a car seat, a crib or bassinet, a few pacifiers, a bottle or two, diapers and about 10 sleepers. That is about it. Everything else may be nice to have, but certainly not necessary and you can get them as he grows. We all live close to a Target or Walmart, so even if you find that you are missing something after your baby is born, you can always send someone out to get it for you.