tie tube???

  • im pregnant with my 2nd baby and will turn 40 a few weeks after this one is born.  im thinking about getting my tubes tied.  i am having a scheduled c section already.  anyone thinking about it too or done any research?

  • Hi. I am a 41 one yr old mom of a 6 week old and a 6 year old. my husband has two kids in their early twenties and a 13 year old. He is also a grandfather at 42. After the surprise of this pregnacy we had a long talk i wanted to get my tubes tied. Its not an easy choice. If you and your other half definately dont want anymore kids and your happy with that choice and decision then do it. My doctor kept asking me and talking to me about it all through the pregancy. she would check in with me to make sure this is what i wanted to do. I had cassie via c- section just like her six year old brother and the dr tied my tubes right after delivery.. I hope this was not too long winded. but just make sure you talk it out with your other half and your dr.. Kelly

  • My doctor told me that before me or my husband did anything "permanent" we needed to be sure that no matter what happened in life...we would never want any more children. I knew that when she said that, I couldn't really make that statement, but if you could....then you need to make sure your husband is on board as well. I hope that at some point I am ready to make that statement, but until then...