24, 1st baby, totally freaked out!

  • Hi ladies! I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself.

    I'm Abby, boyfriend is Cesar. First child for both of us and it was totally unplanned.

    I feel pretty clueless about pretty much everything. I work out 2x a week with a trainer and am not sure what, if anything, needs to change there. What things I should/should not be eating (I'm vegetarian), what type of products need to be avoided, etc.

    Other than that, the shock is subsiding more and more each day. Cesar and I still don't know what to expect and I think we're both a little fearful that I wont' carry til term. We aren't married and don't know what our plan is for when the baby is born. We don't live together as it is and I don't want to do anything that would put any unneccessary strain on our relationship or the baby.

    Any advice or words of wisdom, tips, suggestions?

  • Congratulations and try not to worry... Just do your best everyday and see what happens. With Cesar, communication will be very important. As for your diet, your OB should outline for you everything you need to do health wise.


    Welcome to Strongmoms and good luck!

  • Congratulations and don't freak out. yyour life is going to change for better, to be a mom is the best thing in the whole world.

    The things that you should avoid are raw food, caffeine, alcohol. It is good that you are vegetarian ,but don't forget to eat protein. The prenatal Vitamins are very important especially the folic acid. I recommend you to buy the book "what to expect when you are expecting" it is excellent. you can find all the answers to your question in tha book.

    Congratulations again ang good luck, I am sure you will love to be a mom

    . I have 4 kids, the youngest are 2 years and 7 months.to be a mom is the best thing can happen to you!!

  • Big Smile Congradulations. i am a new mommy too, well trasen is a year old but everything is new to me too. just try to live ur life as usual and everything will come out just fine. as long as ur not stressed ur babies not. and u dont want a stressed out baby cause sometimes u wont sleep and u will get crying all the time.I found out im going to have another baby and im nervous and freaked out too but i know it will all work out.so be urself and get ready to eat all the time,lol. God bless u,ur baby and family. u sound very intelegent and i think ur going to make it work and have a blast doing so. best wishes to you!!Smile