OB or Midwife

  • I am now 6 weeks along in my second pregnancy and I am trying to decide between an OB or a Midwife.  My first daugther was born with an OB however this time I would like to do things more naturally but still in a hospital setting.

    My biggest problem I had with my first is that many doctors are not as well versed as I am in my medical care.  I have endometriosis, adnomyosis and PCOS (can you belive I got pregnant this time within 2 1/2 months) For example I am being treated for insulin resistance due to the PCOS and during my last pregnancy one of the doctors tried to strong arm me into taking insulin even though I am not diabetic and never had gestational diabeties.

    I like the idea of natural and letting my body direct my treatments.  I am just concerned this may be too much for a midwife.  The midwives in my area are associated with a group of doctors. Any thoughts?


  • Midwives are educated enough to deliver babies, just as OBs are. Midwives are a wonderful choice for mothers who wish to have a more natural birth. It is best if the midwife you choose is associated with a group of doctors, just in case there is an emergency that cannot be handled alone. Remember that the role of the midwife and the role of the OB is very different. OBs usually spend less time with patients during and after birth. In addition, OBs are more prone to use medical interventions, such as inductions and recommend C-sections, while midwives tend to have a more holistic approach.

    In your case, I would recommend an OB because of your medical history. Midwives handle low-risk births only, while OBs handle both low and high risk births. If your baby is large due to your diabetes, the midwife cannot perform surgery.  Only a surgeon can perform C-sections. Good luck!