8 week ultrasound

  • I have an ultrasound at 8 weeks to check how far along I am. I want my husband to be a part of the pregnancy as much as possible, but especially wanted him to go to ultrasounds. I know this will just be a vaginal ultrasound and there won't be much to see. Should I have him go? 

  • I think any time the father is willing to come along, and you are comfortable having him there is it a good idea. Even if there isn't much to see it still is a bonding experience for the two of you. He gets his first peak at whats going on, and I'm sure he'd be honored to be there.

    I took mine with me, and it turned out great. Sparked a lot of conversation, and got us talking things baby.

  • If he can go with you , then by all means let him come. If he can't, because of work or other obligations, don't fret and don't be angry. He will have plenty of chances to be involved in the pregnancy. My husband only went to the big ultrasounds because it was hard for him to take off of work. While he wasn't that involved in the pregnancies (most dads aren't), he is by FAR the best dad.

  • I just had my first ultrasound yesterday (I'm between 9 and 10 weeks). There was tons to see. That little baby was waving its arms all over the place! My husband was right there next to me and just as awestruck as I was. I think you should definitely invite him to go. I'm hoping my husband will come to all of my monthly appointments, the more the both of us know, the better!

  • He should definitly go it is a wonderful bonding oppurtunity for u and the beginning of your family.  My Hubby goes to every appt. we schedule them around his work week I am now 15 weeks. Also at 8 weeks we seen alittle something, but most important we heard the heartbeat, very, very special moment. Blessings :)

  • Thank you for all of your advice. He is definitely going next Friday. I'm really excited. I hope all goes well, I'm really scared about making it through the first trimester. 

  • i just had my 8 week ultrasound and my husband was excited and happy about how much you can see so early. it was a great experience

  • Yes!! He should be part of every small little doctor visit so he doesn't feel left out. He might not show such emotions, but trust me, with all the focus on Mom and Baby, Dad will begin to feel unimportant and in the way. Show him he is part of this by taking him with you every time. <3

  • My husband went with me and he seemed more excited than I was. He kept asking before we left out the door, Baby, you got my picture? He went back to work and start showing everybody that ultrasound picture. I told him we was going to wait but he was too excited.

  • Yes!! You should include your husband in everything, so he doesn't feel left out. Even though you are only 8 weeks, it is still an experience. Congrats!