Chinese Gender Predictor

  • So, I was told about the Chinese Gender Predictor. This is where you determine the gender of your baby based on the age and month in which you conceive. I know it's all myth, but I was wondering if anyone has found it to be true or not. Everyone I've ever talked to said that it's worked for them. To find it you can just google, "Chinese Gender Predictor".
  • I played around with this for about an hour at work today. I tried it out with my friends, siblings and co workers and it was accurate for all of them. I was a little uspet because I had been hoping for a boy but I know I'll love it regardless. I wish I knew how it worked.

    Has anyone been wrong when using that chart?

  • My sister in law told me about the Chinese Gender Predictor. She said it worked for all three of her

    children. Although, I was skeptical I tried it the moment I found out about it, IT WORKED!

    It predicted I was having a BOY.. And I felt it would be correct because for some reason I always knew

    that I would have a boy! So, Who knows how but it wokred for us.

  • I used it with my last pregnancy and it said girl and we had a girl.  However with this pregnancy it said we are having a boy and the u/s definitely shows we are having a girl.  The tech was 99% sure.  We were hoping for a boy, we have 1 son and 5 daughters, so the chances of a girl are definitely higher.  But we are happy to have another girl to spoil!!  I read on another site where other people had inaccurate results as well.

  • It was wrong when i tried it out! It said I would be having a girl, but sure enough my gut feeling was right its a little boy!!

  • I know several people that the Chinese Gender Predictor has worked for.  It didn't work for me though, it said I was having a girl but he's definitely a boy! :)

  • It was wrong for me! :( 

    I love this kind of stuff and kinda believed it for a long time, I would always put my friends and families information in to see if the predictor was accurate and most of the time it was.  I thought for sure I was having a girl, every website I went to and took quizzes on, and the chinese predictor said I was having a girl.  The night before my ultrasound I had a dream that I delivered a little boy.  At my 17 week ultrasound there was no mistaking that my little one was a boy.  It's fun to play with though. :) 

  • I tried two different sites and one told me boy and one told me girl.... I put in the same info...  Hopefully it works better for you :)

  • I just had a sonogram and the predictor said I was having a boy.  Sonogram showed girl!!  I am 31 wks and am certain the sonogram is right.

  • ya most definately it was fun to play with but once again it was wrong with me too everyone i knew and every little website like the chinese Gender predictor  and everything else told me i was going to have a boy but come to find out on my ultra sound im actually haveing a girl they were wrong for me althow it isnt promissing it is 4sure a fun and enteresting site to go to and blow off some time

  • I just put in my mom, brothers, husband and SIL - it was right on ALL of them! It says I'm having a girl, and since my family is about 1/2 and 1/2, and my husband is the first boy born on his side of the family in 4 generations, that is statistically more likely.... That said, that may be irrelevant, because apparently, I'm a boy.

  • I just tried it and it said I am having a girl. I hope it's right!!