Wrong due date?

  • Hey this is my first time posting but I was wondering if anyone else has been given the wrong due date? My first ultrasound was in November 2009 and my Dr said I was 8 weeks 5 days. Well I've been counting the days since then and I should be 15 weeks 2 days today(Jan 9) but when I put my due date into any website while doing research to find out whats up with my baby it always says I'm at least a week earlier than what I believe I am even this site is saying I'm 14 weeks. Is it possible that my Dr was wrong even though he went by my LMP for my due date but by the size of the baby for how far along I was?

  • Sure! Even doctors make mistakes. At your next visit, voice your concerns to him and have him check his "wheelie" again to be sure he read the right date. A week in either direction shouldn't make too much of a difference though. Good luck and congratulations