Feeling about Gender?

  • I am 17 weeks along and I have an overwhelming feeling that I am having a boy. I will not be able to find out for about another week or so, after I see my doctor. I am so excited about this baby... I have wanted to be a mom since I can remember. I have been told that moms can have a feeling and it be accurate. Someone tried to tell me a percentage but I wasn't sure if I should believe him (not the most reliable source). Has anyone else had a strong feeling that they were going to have a boy or girl and actually end up having what they thought? I am so curious!!!!
  • You have a 50/50 chance of being right!! As long as the baby is healthy, thats what counts. There are many myths and old wives tales and some can be right and others can be wrong. Your gut may be right, so let us know!

  • I was sure I was having a girl at that point in my pregnancy but I had a boy.  However, I love my baby boy so it worked out just fine.

  • First off Congrats!!!

    I am 22 wks and had a strong feeling we were having a little boy and sure enough we went to the doc for our ultrasound and there was his pickle! lol