Pregnant with twins!!

  • Hi'm a 30 year old pregnant with twins i'm very nervous, any good advice?

  • Hi Natalia,

    I am pregnant with fraternal twins & I just turned 32. I'm almost 12 weeks & nervous as well but starting to cope since I have experience working with multiple children.

    This wasn't planned or even tried. Big surprise!

    I hope you are feeling ok. My thing is the sheer tiredness!

    Let's keep in touch!


  • HI!  I am 13 week pregnant with twins, also unexpectedly, and I also have a 3 and 5 year old already!  I am SUPER nervous!!  They are fraternal too.  What kind of lovely pregnancy symptoms have you been experience this far?  Is this your first pregnancy?  I live in Illinois, where are you from?  Things are starting to look up for me now, that I am nearing my 2nd trimester, but this is by far the worst pregnancy I've had out of the other 2!  I hope things start to look up for you!!