5'11, 118 pounds and not gaining weight

  • Hi, I am almost 10 weeks along and am due August 17th.  I'm tall at 5'11 with a small frame and have been around 135 my whole adult life.  Over the past year though I've slowly lost weight for no reason, other than maybe anxiety.  I was probably around 123 or so when I got pregnant and now I'm 118.  My doctor wants me to gain 40 pounds during my pregnancy and I just don't know how that is going to be possible.  I eat as healthy as I can and I eat as much as I can, but it doesn't take a lot for me to feel full.  Does anybody have any ideas on how I can gain weight while eating healthy?  Should I be worried?  I've been slim my whole life.

  • I don't think you have anything to worry about yet. I have had three children, all around the 8 lb. mark, and lost or maintained weight for the first few months during all of my pregnancies. Each time I found out I was expecting I started to eat healthier and also cut out caffeine (even diet) which triggers weight loss. With that said I was told to gain weight also my fist time and ended up gaining close to 60 lbs. So continue to eat healthy and try not to gain just for the sake of gaining because it's hard to take off later. For my third child I gained 22lbs. and still had an 8.3 baby. Good luck to you!

  • I am expecting my first and try to eat healthy as well. I am only 5' 9 so not quite as tall. I am 4 1/2 months along (17 1/2 weeks) and I have only gained 4 pounds. I have had many friends lose weight in the beginning just because their eating habits have changed. I didn't gain much in the beginning but didn't lose any weight either. Just keep going down the road you are on and as long as you are healthy then you should be okay.
  • I am in the same boat just a bigger girl. I am 5'11'' and generally weight about 190 and have a larger frame. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and have done nothing but lose weight as well. My situation is a little different because i am a bit bigger than you but my doc keeps saying i'm fine. I am one of the unlucky few who still feels sick all the time which makes is rather difficult to eat much. I would recommend you eat a few more higher fat items. I love Horizon Organic Whole Milk with DHA, it's a little fatty but baby need that healthy fat and just a glass a day could do wonders for baby. Good luck and don't worry too much, stress isn't good for you or baby!!!

  • Don't worry, you have a lot of time to gain weight.  I have always been petite/thin...I am 5'4" and started my first pregnancy at 103 lbs.  I am currently pregnant with my second child and started out at 110 lbs. with this one.

    With my first, I barely gained any weight in the beginning.  I ate a lot throughout the day, but not a lot in one sitting.  I would get full very easily, but would be hungry again a half hour to an hour after I ate.  People could hardly tell I was pregnant till I reached my 6th month.  My last month, though, I gained 4 lbs. a week.  By the end of my pregnancy, I had gained 50 lbs and ended up with a 9lb., 7oz baby!

    My sister is very similar in frame to me and just had her first child in October.  She lost weight her first two months and then had only gained 6 lbs. by her 4th month.  I'm not sure how much she gained total by the end, but she still ended up with a healthy 9lb, 3oz girl. 

    Don't stress out.  Eat healthy and whenever you're hungry.  Rest and drink lots of water...I'm sure you'll end up with a healthy baby :)


  • it is very normall not to gain wieght in the first tri some people dont start till the end of thier 2nd tri ....i am 5 ft and wieght 99 ldb before my baby and during my pregnancy i lost close to ten lbs and at the end i wieghed 155 i was very sick in the begining and could not eat much of anything untill the last tri and i woke up one morning with a huge belly lol im sure its nothing to worry about ur baby and body will tell u wat u need as long as u take ur prenatals and eat as well as u can im sure everything will go great

  • Actually when women become pragnant is kick starts something that most dieters with they could do.  Women build up a more solid fat in our bodies, you know those hard to burn places like thighs and tummy.  Well when our bodies become pregnant it burns alot more energy and it actually kicks us up enough that we are able to start breaking that fat deposit section apart. I was reading an article about it all the other day.  So losing weight is not a huge deal, what is a huge deal is that your baby is getting enough healthy stuff. Alot of people run away from fats and try to eat oh so healthy. Fats are apart of something we need in our bodies as well as oils. Olive oil is your friend as well as a well balanced meal, with some yes.. fats.  Not saying, break into the cookie jar or bring on the Bon Bons. Meat fats.. or using oils on your salads.  Oils help us alot (if you have not experience the system back up you will soon enough), the oils work as  lubricate.  Lubricating our digestive system so things can pass with ease and not be so rough on us.

  • If being thin was something you have always been, to gain 40 lbs, even during pregnancy can be tough. As long as you are eating healthy and gaining some weight and following up with your doctor's visits and ultrasounds, then don't worry. The more your stress about gaining weight, the more you will lose. Keep your head up!

  • I'm sure you've read lots of good replies but I thought I'd add my two cents anyway.

    I started out at 154 lbs. and dropped to 141 lbs. during the first HALF of my pregnancy.

    I JUST started gaining weight about three weeks ago [I'm 36 weeks!]

    You shouldn't actually follow the 'guidelines' for weight gain during pregnancy that you read on the internet, etc. Neither my baby or I are close to the suggested.

    Some people are just not genetically designed to get that big, according to my doctor.

    However, my baby is S.G.A. [small for gestational age] and diagnozed with I.U.G.R. [intrauterine growth restriction].

    There's nothing wrong with her other than she's really small.

    Just thought I'd let you know because later on [30+ wks. usually]  if you still haven't gained much they might start checking you out for I.U.G.R. too!


  • Update:  I'm now 12 1/2 weeks along and I'm up to 121 pounds. So at least I'm moving in the right direction now!  To ANowitsky, I bet I won't show until the 6th month either.  It's interesting that you mentioned that, because my mom stated she didn't start showing until the 6th month.  My mom also said that after she had me, that she actually weighed less than she did before she was pregnant with me.

  • Just keep going to your regular OBGYN visits and follow closely with your doctor. If he is worried about your weight gain (or lack thereof) then he will send you to a nutritionist to help you along. Just try your best to eat healthy and consume foods from all the food groups. Do not try to diet or anything like that and you should gain enough weight to support both you and the baby throughout your pregnancy. Remember your prenatal multivitamin!!!

  • Glad to see you are headed in the right direction. My sister, with her first child, also dropped down to less than she weighed before she got pregnant. I personally don't think I'm quite there yet, but I have dropped most of the weight, and having been thin my entire life, I only gained 25 pounds throughout my pregnancy. It really isn't an exact science, everyone is different. As long as you are healthy, taking your vitamins, and yes, keeping some fats and oils and such in your diet, you should have nothing to worry about. If your doctor is really pushing you to gain for whatever reason, I would suggest trying to get down 3 good sized meals (as much as you can anyway) and then snacking as frequently as possible in between. healthy snacks are fine, as long as its something more substantial than just celery sticks. If fruits and veggies don't do the trick try crackers or bread products. Take snacks with you when you go out anywhere, and maybe keep something unperishable by your bed for easy mid-night snacks. I was working as a delivery driver when I found out I was pregnant and I had to make myself eat at first because I'd get so busy I wouldn't think about it.Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy.