my baby is moving like crazy!!!!

  • i went for my first baby check up and i am 21 weeks along they let me see my baby for the first time and she keep putting her hand up to her mouth and sucking her thomb.. it was so wonderfull..

  • I'm at 22 weeks, I started feeling my baby move at 19 weeks and I have to say it scared the living daylights out of me at first! Now she moves regularly when I exercise, and also right before bed. At first I thought it was scary, because I could actually SEE my tummy moving when she moved. It was kind of like the Alien movie. It creeps my husband out, but I think it's cute :)
  • That is so awesome!! Congrats!!

    You both are making me so excited!! I am at 17 weeks and cannot wait to feel movement!! At my last ultrasound, my baby was waving and stretching and dancing, but I coudln't really feel it. I'm super ready for that. It will be so strange and new to me.


  • Congratulations to you all...feeling your baby move for the first time is absolutely amazing. Just wait until you meet these little soccer stars!!!!!

  • I'm 24 weeks and when my son gets going I can watch my ID badge that hangs around my neck at work bounce when I'm sitting and it's resting on my tummy!  Every time I go to swim laps, though, I think he falls asleep from the rocking back and forth.  Too cute!

  • I think my baby is going to be a break dancer. haha. :D

  • I'm at 22 weeks now and for the first time I felt my little girl kick right under my bellybutton! I had no idea her little feet had that far of a reach! I was wearing a hoodie and i saw the zipper pop up because of it, it was so cute! before I know it, I'm sure she'll be knocking books off my tummy, haha. My mom always used to say that she used me as a book rest when she was pregnant with me and studying at the same time :) It's so much fun to feel them move, like a reminder that we're never alone while pregnant.