I feel crazy at times

  • I feel like that I am on a emotional rollar coaster. Some days I feel really good and others I feel like I am so moody. My husband hates it. If I get in the slightest bad mood my husband knows it, makes a comment about it,  and we end up getting in a fight. I end up in an even worse mood and i cry for a long time. I know that he is tired of me being such a pain at times. We dont have a lot of time together as it is. when he is around and the my mood strikes then he doesnt want to be around me at all, i know that I can be unreasonable. I even try to go in the other room and sometimes I am just as craby hours later. What can I do, I am driving him crazy and myself. What is the best way to deal with my moody days without ruining our whole day? I wish that he could be in my shoes for one week and then he would realize that it is not easy being pregnant,

  • Just try to take it one day at a time, and try to communicate with him when you are calm and you both can vent your feelings without being confrontational. When my wife was pregnant, I made a deal with myself to be as even-tempered as possible, and not to get carried away by the highs and lows. I knew my wife's emotions would be all over the map, so I pledged that I wouldn't take anything personally and tried the best I could. I would never remotely compare what an expectant Dad goes through compared to an expectant Mom, but a Dad has different stresses. A new child causes worry on a myriad of levels, yet men can't blame these on hormones. Be aware that he may be just as stressed/freaked out as you but may show it in different ways.

  • Try to look at how much sleep you are getting. I used to be a bit more frazzled and moody when I didn't get enough sleep. Try napping if you are able to . Talk to you husband and keep the lines of communication open. Let him know how difficult it is for you and let him know that it is not personal. If you find that you are extra moody or unreasonable, talk to your doctor and let him know. There may be something he can suggest. Also, make sure you are taking time out for yourself to unwind and relax. Take a nice bath or a pregnancy yoga class...these things can help take the edge off and may help you handle your mood swings a bit better.