Braxton Hicks

  • During my rotation as a labor and delivery nurse I noticed that one of the most common concerns for pregnant women is "How will I know if I am having real contractions or Braxton Hicks?"  The major difference between Braxton Hicks (sometimes called "false labor") and true labor is that these practice contractions do not increase in frequency or intensity. They also shouldn’t be painful and tend to be felt only in front. Changing positions, resting, staying hydrated, and keeping your bladder empty will help minimize the effects of Braxton Hicks. Please share your experiences with Braxton Hicks. How did you feel when it became true labor?

  • HAHAHAHAHA .. well real labor HURTS! The Braxtons are just annoying ... in my opinion! Since I had a c-section with my 1st I have to go into the hospital for "checks" if I have contractions for an hour .. at 3 to 4 minutes apart.  I have been in SOOOO many times over the last 4 pregnacies that I beg them to not make me go in .. I tell them IT ISN"T it ... but still in I have to go!!



  • So have you had VBACs since? What are the checks for?

  • Arg! I hated Braxton Hicks contractions, and elvirakat is so right - real contractions hurt. There's no way you could mistake one for the other. I used to describe them as feeling like my baby was stretching out her arms against the inside of my abdomen and then sliding them down. It's such a strange sensation! Then my mom described it as your abdomen going very rigid for a few moments, then relaxing. That works too. Either way, it's just one of those inconveniences of pregnancy.

  • Why the checks? I way I understand it is because it isn't the first pregnancy, and the c-section, the doctors are concerned that I would deliver too fast and there would be danger in the uterus tearing .. so in I go .. ALL the time .. this time around though .. I am just not calling them with the Braxton Hicks.  With the 4 little ones at home, it would be too inconvient to have someone watch them during the night ... it alwasy happens at night!


  • See, thats what I thought and was told by all my nurses and doctors, but every single person I talked to said their braxton hicks hurt worse than their actual labor contractions.  I was in the hospital 1 a week the last month of my first pregnancy because of "braxton hicks" but I'd never been in so much pain in my life!  And I have a very high pain tolerance.  I was in pain getting worse and according to the monitors I wasn't contracting but you could feel my belly and sometimes even see the contractions.  Then I wound up having my emergency section because yet again I wasn't contracting even though I couldn't see because the pain was so bad but the monitors said I wasn't contracting, I wasn't dilating, and his heart rate dropped.  So I dunno what thats all about but all I know is my supposed braxton hicks were the most painful thing I've ever felt!

  • That's very different from my wife's Braxton Hicks. Her's were much the opposite, I am sorry your's were so painful FarrellClanMom. You said your first pregnancy was like that... Did you experience the same type of Braxton Hicks with your second as well?

  • no I had no contractions or BH with my 2nd but I'm already getting BH with this beastie and I've been getting them since about 24-25 weeks just like my first

  • FarrellClanMom,

    Early on like your first, or do you mean they are as strong? I hope you're doing ok.

  • They're as strong.  It's awful and now I'm measuring big so on top of now being 34 weeks, I was measuring 35 at only 33 weeks, though it doesn't sound that bad its been getting bigger the more often i go.  I love whats going on but I hate being pregnant, I'm just glad this is my last week of work before I start maternity leave.  Now all I have to do is sit down and stop rearranging my house by myself! LOL

  • Its almost time, wow! A few weeks of maternity leave and you'll be a proud mama of a beautiful baby Wink. I'm sorry the braxton hicks are as strong, but at least everything else is going smoothly.

    Can't wait to hear all about your new addition! Hope you'll pop in and let us know about soon as you recover!