Low Laying Placenta?

  • I went in for my 20 week ultrasound on Thursday and we found out it's a boy!  I previously posted asking about VBACs and of course there are some factors that would lead me to have another c-section.  Right now this baby is in the breech position (just like my daughter was) but I'm trying not to worry about that part.  I also found out that I have a low laying placenta.  I've done some online research about it and I know I'll have another ultrasound in a couple months to find out if the situation has changed.  My main question is has anybody experienced this or know anybody that has?  It would just be comforting to talk to somebody that went through it.

    Doctor also said a VBAC may not be an option, it depends on his size.  Basically he sounds a lot less optimistic about the possibility now then he did when I was 12 weeks.  It's more important for the baby to born healthy and as safely as possible, I just like to know what to expect.

    By the way, I also posted about baby names before and we have decided that Jacob Anthony is the perfect name for him.  My daughter liked the name Jake too and Anthony honors my brother which really pleases me. 

    If anybody has any comments thanks in advance.  I really am trying not to worry so much, but as my boyfriend says, I'm just that kind of mommy Tongue Tied

  • Unfortunately, I am no help in knowing anything about it, or knowing anyone personally thats had it.  Though I know thats not what you asked for, I am here for support either way if you want it or need it!  I'm officially on maternity leave so I'll be on here alot... it's the only thing thats keeping me sitting still!  Seems as my husband is about ready to duck tape me to the friggin bed if I don't stop hurting myself, I'll take sitting at the computer! LOL.  Love the name by the way! Glad you found something you enjoy!  Good luck and we're here for you!

  • Thank you.  I appreciate any form of support that I can get really!  So when are you due?  Are you anxious?

  • I had a low lying placenta, but mine moved before giving birth.  I think most of the time they move, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    Glad to hear that you decided on the name Jacob Anthony.  I think its important to pick a name that you like that has a meaning to you.

  • Congratulations on your baby boy! I think by exploring all of the possibilities you're facing now is really great, so you can prepare for what may happen in the coming months. I know some other moms on the boards have been discussing the possibility of not having a VBAC because of the size of their babies. I think at 20 weeks, it's hard to predict how big he will get. But you're right; it's better to know what you're going to do beforehand. As for the low lying placenta, as long as you follow your doctor's advice, it sounds like there's not much more you can do except try not to worry too much. I love the name, too!

  • I had a low lying placenta with my son. It resolved on its own. I am suprised to hear that so many doctors do c-sections due to size. I didn't realize it was so common. I always thought that unless a woman's pelvis wouldn't allow it, then size wasn't a big issue. I do agree with you that having a healthy baby is the most important thing. I also like the name and think it is great that you are able to have a name you like that honors your brother. That makes it really special.

  • I agree with your thinking, BabyNurse. I too have not heard about doctors not recommend VBAC due to size. Could this be a new trend in medicine?

  • My first child, a girl, I was induced a week early because my doctor was going out of town on my due date.  I experienced labor for about 12 hours only to be given an emergency c-section because the baby was in fetal distress.  She weighed 9.3.  My doctor told me I couldn't have big babies, even though I am 6 feet tall and am large framed.  He was mistaken because 5 years later I got a new doctor and had my second child VBAC with no problems.  I was in labor for about 19 hours but she never stressed and came out weighing 9.7 with no problem.  I was the one who wanted the vaginal birth (my doctor would have done another c-section since I had one before).  I also had a low lying placenta (common after having a c-section) early on with this pregnancy, but it resolved itself within time.  I was, again, induced a week early...  This time because my doctor felt my chances of delivering vaginally would be more successful if we didn't let the baby get too big since my first one weighed over 9 pounds.  Last January I lost a baby at 5 months.  I had a DNC to remove the fetus and became unexpectedly pregnant by June.  I delivered that baby 2 weeks ago via c-section because after losing a baby I did not want to take any chances on having problems with the delivery.  This child was a boy, so we knew he'd probably be bigger than my other 2 children.  Wow, he was a whopping 10.8 pounds!  His head was 38 cm and he was 22 inches long.  He would have never made it out vaginally.  I also wanted my tubes tied and I knew this could easily be done during the c-section.  After I was told his weight I was so thankful I decided to have the c-section, but with my second child, I was so thankful to have delivered vaginally.  Ever situation is different.  I have a wonderful doctor.  He is famous for being one of the best in our area.  He tries to do what I want but at the same time he puts baby first.  Unless you are totally confident in your doctor, I wouldn't take any chances.  Don't rely too heavily on an ultra sound in trying to determine the babies weight either.  My last ultrasound was given a week before I delivered and put my 10 pounder at 8.5 pounds.  Also, by 20 weeks your placenta most likely should have moved into place, and if the baby is breech, I would definatley be leaning toward a c-section.

  • writemommy, it's more of a risk factor to vbac if the baby is too big due to the possibility of rupturing the uterus.  Like I've said before I had my kids too close together so my doctors didn't feel comfortable with me vbac-ing.  Even though my second wasn't that big, I'm glad I didn't risk it.  The way I see it, i'd rather just take a recovery for a surgery than to possibly push out a baby and tear and have to have surgery anyway.  Those are MY circumstances, so thats how I feel, I would have loved to gone vaginally for all the births but it isn't in my cards.  Also, it's more accurate to tell a baby's weight and growth patterns early on (about 20 weeks with the typical ultrasound) than further along because there is less space to measure in the uterus and everything is already getting stretched out but a bigger baby.  It's how they do their measurements.  by X time baby should be between X and X sizes.  it's more simantics. LOL

  • I had my ultrasound at 20 weeks and that's when they found the low laying placenta.  That's the only one that I've had so far, but I guess I'm supposed to get another one sometime between 28-32 weeks so that they can recheck things.  My doctor didn't really go over all the baby's measurements with me, but I did see on the chart that a lot of the measurements were closer to 22 weeks than 20 weeks.  I don't know how much of a difference that makes at this point.  Regardless I plan on asking lots of questions at my next appointment to find out exactly where I currently stand with the whole VBAC and c-section situations.

  • I agree with pamontowens about not relying too heavily on ultrasound. My son was supposed to weigh 6.5 and he came out at 8.9. :) I'm also so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how difficult that must have been for you to lose a baby at 5 months (or any time for that matter).