Maternity leave!?!?

  • Ok, so it's official! I'm on maternity leave and will probably go crazy!  I've never done this before.  Having kids I'm a pro, this is my 3rd, but maternity leave??? What will I do?  I've been nesting since December at least!  The hospital bags are packed the rooms are ready, what else is there to do?  I have lots of embroidery, but there is only so much I can do before my hands cramp and reading, love a good book and series but no matter how good they put me to sleep! LOL, I'm pitiful I know, any other suggestions?  Anyone else staying home gonna keep me company LOL?




  • Are you other two children in school? I can tell you that if I had time right now I would do two things: put all my pictures in albums (I have thousands) and complete my daughter's baby book (okay, START it). :) Then I would lay in bed and watch tv all day long. I could watch scrubs from sun up to sun down and never get tired of it.

  • If you like to watch movies that's another good way to kill time.  Are you doing a baby book for your little one?  If you haven't done so already there is a ton of stuff that you can fill out.  Scrapbooking is another great time killer for me and since you have 2 older ones that could be an option.  I'm sure all the household activities are pretty well taken care of, I know how I was when I was off with my daughter.  Do you have family or friends that live nearby?  Now could be a great time to catch up with some of them if anybody is home during the day.  The only other activities I'd suggest you're already doing (discussion boards, reading) so I hope that something I suggested helps.  I know how I'd be if I had to sit around the house by myself...I feel for you!  Hopefully I won't have that problem, I think I'm working up to my delivery date this time.  When they put me on maternity leave with my daughter it was a week before the scheduled c-section and 2 weeks before the due date.  I got a whole 3 days of rest before she decided to make her debut! lol  I hope it goes quickly for you either way!Smile

  • One more thing.  I don't know what other sites you like to visit, but is a good one.  They have baby name polls, discussion boards, articles, etc.  I think that the name polls are a ton of fun.  It's interesting to see the names some people think of and to read other people's opinions on them.

  • Well, it might seem obvious, but you can always hang out with us!

  • I'm in a little different boat than you are.  I am a stay at home mom getting ready to have my 2nd child, I am having a c section in 9 days. 

    Like you I have gone through the nesting and have had everything ready to go since after Christmas.  I'm addicted to watching TV and playing solitaire, on a hand held game.  It helps me get through all the discomfort I am feeling because my mind and hands are working but I don't have to move a lot, except to go to the bathroom it seems like every 30 minutes.  I also like you love to embroidery, right now I am working on a wedding present for my cousin (wedding in September of this year) just to have it done and I know once the baby comes I won't have time for many crafts. 

    Look through craft magazines and maybe you will find something neat that can challenge you while you are waiting for the baby.  I know I love to find new things to do but don't usually have the time to complete them.  I also have a 3 1/2 year old son and try to do some things with him that don't require much bending or stooping to complete.  He's really into puzzles so we do a bunch of them during the day.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!!

  • I'm not sure how far along you are (but you must be getting close if they put you on maternity leave already?)... Have you tried getting outside? I know it can be harder the close you get but I always found a little fresh air seemed to really help my wife relax. If you cant go for a walk, at the least you can go for a ride - get your d.h. to take you for a drive somewhere and take in the sights on the trip... I've always found being the passenger is the best seat anyways - there's so much we miss driving each day Wink

  • I agree with StrongDad. Though being nine months pregnant was not the most comfortable time in my life, I made myself get out a little every day. It's really easy to get cabin fever being home from work. Even is it's a friend or relative driving you around, it can give you something to look forward to.

  • Well, first of all thanks for the suggestions to answer questions, only my 5 year old is in school, half day kindergarten in the afternoon, so my crazy 3yr old is running around driving me nuts! LOL, I do love movies but with said 3 yr old there is only so much I can watch around him so we wind up watching what he wants.  Which is fine but if you need the script to elmo in grouchland I'm your girl LOL.  As for tv, don't have cable which SUCKS!  As for this site, I love it but its turn-around time is slow to get everything approved and what not, and really dissappointing when its not approved.  The embroidery goes well so far.  I haven't left blood stains on my canvas LOL.  Trying to stay comfortable is the most trying right now.  If I do any kind of standing for longer than 20 minutes, I start contracting.  Sitting is just as bad because he's very low and pushes out right around my incision scars so it just hurts alot.  I'm on a site linked with facebook called Circle of Moms, its free and posts without admin approval, for the most part its ok, there are always topics that can get hairy, but its interesting to see everyones take of certain issues.  especially moms from the uk.  also as a side note has anyone else been having difficulty getting on here? granted yesterday the 12 and 11th I didn't even try but I have not been able to get on here is either said site was down or maintenance.  I have that problem alot on here I've noticed.  Thanks again!

  • Our first is due on May 21st, only 5 days after I graduate from college (we hope for an on time delivery!).  My company only allows 6 weeks maternity leave, and it's all unpaid which scares me because my husband and I both work and we live pretty much paycheck to paycheck without the added expense of a new baby.  My husband is insistant that I take at least the 6 weeks, and if it won't cost us my job another 2-4 weeks to bond with and nurture the baby.  What can we do (if anything) to make sure that while I'm out of work we can still afford to support our child despite the fact that we'll be at about 1/2 income the entire time that I'm on leave? 

    Also, a friend brought up the fact that if I have C-section or difficult delievery I may be on bed rest for 3-6 weeks after the baby is born, and even if I'm able to return to work might not be able to perform my duties at full capacity.  Can anyone tell me what the average recovery time for a c-section delivery is and/or any other difficulty that could result in me needing extra leave time?

  • I had a c-section with my daughter and my doctor had me off work for 8 weeks afterward.  I was never exactly on bed rest, they do encourage you to get up and move around frequently.  I WAS in severe pain for over a week, but that didn't have to happen.  The doctor forgot to take my staples out while I was still in the hospital (we stayed 4 days) and he just told me that he'd see me at my 6 week appointment.  Because of this my incision started to get infected and I wound up going into the doctor to get the staples removed about a week after they were supposed to be taken out. 

    After that it was maybe one more week before I was pretty much back to normal.  I went out looking for jobs and everything.  I actually started a new job when my daughter was 8 weeks old.

    As far as being able to get by after the baby is born I would highly suggest saving ANY extra money that you can.  I know it's hard when you're on a tight budget anyway, but if there is anything that you can go without for a few months I'd suggest cutting it.  Have  you applied for any type of public assistance?  When I was pregnant with my daughter I was going through a divorce but I got WIC, foodstamps, CareSource, and a little cash assistance.  You might also check into any centers in your area that provide help for pregnant women.  We have a Pregnancy Resource Center here and they help out with formula coupons and clothing for both the baby and the mother.  They also have free classes that you can take to earn points.  You can use the points toward a variety of baby items.  That's how I got my daughter's baby swing, pack n play, and several other items.  Don't be afraid to go apply for help, it's out there for people that need it!

    I don't know if you still need baby items or not, but if you do is a great place to look.  There are a lot of people that offer good deals.  Also, some people post what their situation is and ask for used items that people want to give away.  I think that would be hard to do, but I know that they get a lot of response.

    Good luck!  Hope you don't have a c-section or difficulties, but even you do I'm sure everything will turn out alright.  Hope some of this helps!

  • I just went back to work from maternity leave.  I spent a lot of time on the computer in my 8 weeks off.  I became addicted to MySpace applications - games, quizzes, etc.  I also created a facebook and got in touch with a lot of old friends.  I took a lot of pictures and used online photo editing tools to occupy my time.  I don't know if you will have those options with a 3-year-old running around, lol.  This was my first, so it was just me and the baby and daddy.  I also enjoyed a lot of scrapbooking.  Maybe you could scrapbook while your 3-year-old colors.  I also made it a point to get out of the house everyday, even if just to window shop at Wal-Mart.  Try to get some rest as well!  That's one thing I wish I did more of when I was out. 

  • LESLIEANN Look into FMLA. It's family medical leave act, it's supposed to be a federally mandated act but I know each state has different stipulations.  Basically it just guarantees that your job can NOT fire you from your job if you qualify.  Though there are many loopholes.  also look into state disability. I know here in jersey its 12 weeks.  As to the c-section it's normally 8 weeks recovery but again it all depends on your state and with that aspect your doctors.  The disability act is on your state website under labor and workforce or something along those lines because it's temporary disability.  But FMLA your job shouldn't be able to deny you if you fit the criteria. Here its have to have worked 1 year AND 1,000 hours but in my same company in Philadelphia it's 1 year AND 1,250 hours so it's simantics that are different but like I said there are loop holes. so be careful.  As to your money suggestions was to pre buy everything and really put on your registry for your baby shower things you need even though you'll get of stuff like toys put diapers and wipes and all that.  Also buy it for yourself that way regardless if you get it or not, you'll have even more and you can use it forever!.  Especially formula if you choose that route, just check the exp. date its usually quite a while before it goes bad for the powders.  Breastfeeding is free.  start picking up diapers though every other paycheck get a different size eachtime that way you don't have a million size 1 that you'll never use.  people that gift them for you usually get smaller sizes so pick up size 2 and up.  storing money is also a suggestion I've been trying to, but we're in the same boat and even in a lock box I have 3 dollars because our life doesn't really allow for it.  State programs also help, but take all you output/ money discharged evidence with you because they have a scale of what you pay out regardless what it actually is so you have to prove what you put out in essentials.  good luck I know its a difficult road.  Also look into church groups that help.  lord knows I hate to take a hand out but we were on the verge of eviction so we went to charity care and they paid our rent for us but I know they had a food bank.  good luck sweetie