Young and a mom to be!

  • I'm 17 I'll be 18 on Feb. 19. I didn't plan to get pregnant but I'm not upset that I am. I'm excited and very scared. I'm scared about going into labor! I have no clue in what to do how to breath anything like that. I don't have anyone to really help me with this. My mom still isn't to happy about all this going on. But I was really just looking to see how did any of yall find out how to go through labor?

  • Hopefully you're mother will come around soon; having family support can be very comforting during a pregnancy. In the meantime you should speak with your OB/GYN about delivery options - for instance my wife had an Epidural, which requires a needle in the back but also meant no pain during labor until the end when they reduced the medicine so she could push. Your doctor will be able to describe all the options and answer any questions about each of them.

    As always though, have a backup plan which you've discussed with your doctor - for instance if you decide on a vagina delivery you should also be aware of what is involved with cesarean sections (c-sections) in case a situation comes up where you need one.

    In the meantime - congratulations! (And happy soon to be birthday!!)

  • Congrats! I bet if you ask your physician, he/she can point you  to a birthing class nearby. Most hospitals offer them free or a small charge. You will learn about  different types of pain control, breathing techniques, signs of labor, and how to make your birth plan. Really, it will come naturally. You might look for What to Expect When Expecting at your local library. There is TONS of info in that book. I found that it answered most every question I had. You can do this! If you need anything at all, please ask me. I will be happy to help!

  • I was 18 when I had my first child.  Did you see if there was any classes around you to prepare you?  Although I went to the classes and during my 26 hours of hard labor, did not do the breathing becuase it did not seem to help with the pain I had.  I am 31 wks pregnant with my fourth boy and me and my husband are starting classese the last week in February (hope they work this time).  Anyway, your body is an amazing thing and weather or not you think you can do it or handle it, it all kind of comes narturally to you.  In other words, you just do it.  You deal with the pain knowing that it is temporary and at the end of it you will have your little baby in your arms.  As for pushing, once they tell you to start, the pressure you feel to get the baby out just makes you PUSH.   There is no experts on this that can tell you how to do it.  Your body is the best expert that is going to guide you thorugh this amazing experience and eveything will be fine.  You will do great.  When your parents see their beautiful grandchild, they should come around.  Did you try to get your mom involved in the pregnancy and have her feel the baby move and kick?  Im sure she just wants the best for you and this was not in her plans but she will realize that it is done and she has to accept it.  Hope everyting goes great for you.  God bless and best of luck.

  • My husband and I are both pretty young (I'm 22 he's 25) and this pregnancy was unplanned.  If I didn't have his love and support I don't know what I'd do, but I have heard of women finding "pregnancy buddies".  I would suggest you find someone that you can lean on and trust to talk about all the crazy things that will go on between now and when the baby is born, because it can be just too much to handle without some form of release.  I know a woman who is about 2 weeks behind my pregnancy, and we occasionally have lunch or go for walks just to chat because (even though he means well) sometimes my husband just doesn't get it.  If you can find someone who's due date is close to yours, even if you can only e-mail back and forth, it can be nice to have someone to relate to.


    Congratulations and best of luck!

  • Thank you for your help. And thanks about the birthday too. I think my mom is slowly coming around so i'll be alright. And i will talk to be doctor when i go back the 3rd. Thank you for anything.

  • Thank you for your help. And i'm going to ask my doctor about the labor classes. Thank you for saying i can ask you anything. I'll try not to ask to much though i've lots of questions. lol.

  • Hey,

    I just had my first baby girl on december 20th 2008. I never went to a class or anything. My advice would be to make sure that you have supportive people with you while you give birth and honestly push like your pooping. I know that sounds gross but thats what my stepmother told me and the baby came out in an hour!!! As far as the epidoral goes, I was soooo scared about getting but all it feels like is when you hit your funny bone only its in your back. Believe my its worth the funny feeling once the contractions start coming!! Youlll be fine!! Dont worry, and onve you see your baby you wont even be thinking about the pushing and the sweat and tears that cam ealong with it! Smile


  • My joke with my son was he was my birthday present.  I got preggo when my ex took me away for 18th birthday and got pregnant unexpectedly.  I was terrified to tell my mom because she's well MOM, but she came around.  Hopefully you're mom will too, its hard for them because we're young.  They have all these dreams in their head that are a bit old school sometimes, but life happens.  As for your fears, it'll be ok, just think hundreds of years ago 13 year olds were having babies.  Go to classes if you can, I did, but it turned out to be pointless in the end because I had to have a c-section.  Be prepared for everything.  Don't buy too much stuff until AFTER your baby-shower if you are having one, unless its essentials like diapers and wipes and formula if you plan to formula feed.  Those are things you can never have too much of.  Good luck and like already stated don't be afraid to post.  We;ve all been through it!

  • You are welcome! I mean it; if you need help, just ask. I know it is overwhelming to think of all that lies ahead of you, but you are capable of being a great mommy.

  • I agree with the other posters that you should look into birthing classes.  I was on Caresource when I was pregnant with my daughter and they paid for my birthing classes.  The classes were really informative, but they skipped the info about c-sections which is what I wound up having (my daughter was breech)  Right now I'm about 22 weeks pregnant and I think I'm going to pass on the classes this time around since I'm not sure if it will be another c-section.

    Message boards are a great place to ask questions because there are so many people with so many different experiences behind them.  Also, don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions.  That's what they're there for and I'm sure that they've heard everything. 

    Your mom will probably come around soon.  My mom was very mad when I got pregnant this time and I'm 24 and already have a child.  Lately she's been full of suggestions and basically just trying to get involved.  I know it helped when I invited her out to lunch after I got the ultrasound pics done.  Maybe you could even ask your mom to go to the doctor with you.  My mom went to all of my appointments with me during my first pregnancy.  It was great to have her there for the support and she helped me remember what questions to ask the doctor.  Good luck with your pregnancy!

  • I went to birthing classes and personally thought it was a waste of time for me.  Everything they taught us I had already learned from researching online.  The breathing techniques were hard to remember and didn't work.  The videos were outdated.

    I did take a tour of the hospital and that was really cool and informative - I recommend that.  Call your hospital to schedule a tour.

    READ READ READ.  There are so many pregnancy sites out there.  I learned so much just by reading.  I seriously started believing I was a pregnancy expert.

  • I think birthing classes are pointless. I just had my baby boy on Nov. 18 2008 and i took the classes to get ready. Well i had a regular delivery and they had to help me with the breathing before i got my epi. Then when it came to pushing they had to coach me on that. Regardless if you go to the classes or not, nurses are there for your support. My boyfriend was unable to go to the classes with me, but i disscussed what was done and even he forgot. Its hard to remember at that exciting time. My parents weren't happy about my pregnecy either. I am 23 and not married (that was the big issue, i'm catholic). But they came around and could not be more excited. Sometimes i just don't know what i would do without my little man! Everything is fine and i healed in no time!!

  • Congratulations! I would encourage you to talk to as many people as you can about what their experiences have been. Every woman and every pregnancy is different, so it's good to hear a range of experiences from others.

    I was 20 when I had my first daughter and was so freaked out and scared during labor that I actually slowed my progress. Once I had an epidural, the baby was out in minutes and with very little pain.

    With my second, I was 28 and more confident, having gone through it before. But it was completely different! My water didn't break on its own. I contracted for hours with no pain and only started to hurt when my doctor broke my water. The epi didn't numb where I needed it to and there was a lot of pain. And it took a few hours after the epi was in before the baby came.

  • I had only 15 days till I was 20 when I learned I had gotten unexpectantly pregnant by my current fiance. I had a lot of worries and of course parents come into play with there downward glances at the situation, but eventually the excitement of them being a grandparent usually makes them come around sooner or later. But the worries still kept piling on, finances, relationship, BIRTHING! Believe me, every woman goes through that anxiety of OMG I AM GOING TO HAVE TO PUSH THIS THING OUT! ITS GOING TO HURT! I am still pregnant, in my 7th month, but knowing that I have people like my friends, family, and fiance to support me makes me feel all the better. Not only that but my stepmom told me some words that got me to chill out about the whole situation of vaginal birth. She said: "You have to do what all woman were made to do, God wouldn't make woman able to birth (Back in the day without medicen) if he didn't think you couldn't do it by just relying on your good old strength and your family/friend/relationship support." Hope I helped with your fear. Just remember, woman do the exact thing you have to do EVERY DAY. Be strong, grit down, and say I CAN DO THIS! Once you have your child in your arms everything will be worth it. Talk to me anytime if you ever need support, advice, or just somebody going through what you are. <3