Pregnancy after m/c

  • So i am now about 8 to 9 weeks pregnant ... in Aug. of 2009 i became pregnant with my first child but unfortunately i lost him or her at around 3 months im not sure what happen but when i went in for my 3 month first prenatal check up we did a sono and the babys heart beat was not beating =( it was really hard on me and my hubby... well i had to go in and get a d/c procedure done on me... i found out Jan 22 that i was pregnant again i was really scared that something will go wrong with this one again... and then we went to a first prenatal and for some reason my doc. did not do a good job on the sono so she could not find the sac a day or two i went to a specialist because she tough i was having an ectopic preg, well turn out the sac was there and she even asked me why was i there... so i decided to look for another doc and im waiting for my insurance to come in so i can get on track with my prenatal appointments. again i was scheduled for just a sono tomorrow at a clinic i just want to check up on the baby and see how he/she is doing but for some reason my hubby seams scared and he wants to wait idk wat to do ... its really difficult but with my last preg... i began to spot around this time and got a lot of cramps right now im feeling fine and i feel everything is going better and no spotting going on or major cramps.... someone pls help!!! some advice...

  • It is perfectly normal to be worried after what you went through with your last pregnancy. Just keep in mind that the majority of women who miscarry go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies in the future. Talk to your doctor and your husband about your concerns and keep the lines of communication open. Try not to worry too much---the majority of it is unfortunately out of your control. Eat healthy, do not drink or do drugs, take your prenatal vitamins and continue to get prenatal care and you will be doing the very best you can do for your baby. Try to enjoy this wonderful time and do not let the "worries" ruin it for you. Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Strong Moms.

  • Being nervous and worried like that is 100% normal. I'm feeling the same way too! I lost my daughter Audrey in May 2009 at 21 weeks and it's been the hardest year of my life grieving her loss and now to find out I'm pregnant again - that has taken such a toll on my emotions. I wish you all the best!