First Ultrasound-6 weeks and no heart beat

  • I am a first time mom, and had my first ultrasound done yesterday. The doctor said I am probably right around 6 weeks along and he didnt hear a heart beat, or wasn't able to see anything but the sac. My doctor told me that there is possibility that I might just miscarry. I have another ultrasound in a week to re-check things, but am very concerned in the mean time. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this, or has experienced the samething. Thanks.

  • I have seen this go both ways, but my experience turned out positive. I was on vacation at almost six weeks pregnant when I had very heavy bleeding and went to the emergency room. They could not even see the sac for some reason. I went to the doctor's office at 6 1/2 weeks thinking that I had miscarried and there was a beautiful little baby with a strong heart beat. She is 21 months now. Try to think positive. I hope that everything turns out okay for you and your baby. Please let us know what you find out.

  • This same thing happened to me at 6 weeks also. He found two sacs and was not able to get a heartbeat on either sac. I went in a week later and they did have heartbeats and were doing fine. They calculated the babies to be 5 weeks 5 days on my second visit, so that was strange to me, but that was calculated by how they measured each baby.

    Best of luck to you and your baby. Keep us posted.

  • It took awhile for them to approve this and I am now 8 weeks along and still struggling with the pregnancy. They have yet to hear a heartbeat. The doctor also isn't seeing anything inside the sac. He said it might be what is called a blighted ovum. When you body produces everything but the baby. Usually it is due to having an unhealthy pregnancy, if there was a bad egg or sperm or a chromosome defect. Your body says it is an unhealthy pregnancy and stops the growth of the baby. I find out everything today at my doctor appointment. Thank you for your response, I do appreciate it. It's always nice to hear other peoples stories. Congrats on the baby! :)

  • Has your doctor been monitoring your hormone levels? I had something similar happen in my first pregnancy, and the reason was I wasn't making enough progesterone. I had polycystic ovarian syndrome and they didn't know it. I started bleeding around 6-8 weeks and was on hormones through the rest of the first trimester. My daughter turns 10 next week, so it ended well. But definitely discuss hormones with your OB. Fingers crossed for you!!

  • i went through the same thing with my first pregnacy.  I had some fertility problems, and without running tests, they gave me meds to help.  I got pregnate rather quickly at at 6 weeks their was no heartbeat.  They never ran blood work.  At the time i was working for a daycare full time.  I was the school age programs teacher, but I floated when the needed x-tra help.  I was very scared as well, when they couldn't find a heartbeat.  I was alone, my husband couldnt be their, and I had just had a very small bleed.  they waited another 7 weeks before repeating the ultrasound.  They wanted to make sure their was enough time inbetween so check leavels and to make sure their was enough time for some growth.  Unfortunately, their was nothing.  No heartbeat, no baby.   They told be on of two thing may have happened.  One, its possible the baby never developed.  ( Which is a way of telling us our body just wasnt ready), or two i had a partial miscarriage because their was a sac.  They gave me two choices, I could wait it out, and probly miscarry within the next 8 - 10 weeks, or they gave me the option of having a D $ E.  It was the hardest decision i ever had to make.  My grandmother had just passed away, as well has my grandfather.  (from the otherside of the family.) I opted for the surgery.  I didn't want to wake up every day asking myself, is this the day.  Just remember their will be others to support you eaither way.  Not every situation is the same.  Sometimes, its just to early to hear the heartbeat.  dont worry more than you need to right now.  And remember, it may just be TWO EARLY.  And dont let your doctor talk you into something you dont want to do.  If he does find cause for concern, go home, think about the situation.  Talk to you husband or boyfriend, mother or sister and get someone elses perspective.  Not all situations turn out like mine, i have read others that turn out just fine.  But a word of advise, do not do research on the internet.  Sometimes all the medical terms and advise their is worse that someone you know, or someone that has gone through the same thing.  And remember to trust your instincts.  Doctors are smart and have a degree, but they cant tell you have you feel and how situations will effect u personally.

  • How did your appointment go?

  • Unfortunently not well. When I went in my sac was collapsing. I had had some cramps over the weekend and bled the smallest amount on saturday just when I went to the bathroom, so I saw some symptoms but not enough for me to expect the outcome that my doctor told me. I go in for a D&C tomorrow morning. I am pretty bummed about the whole situation. I guess I just don't understand. Everyones body treats everything different, and sometimes is unexplanable. In this situation I am trying to keep the attitude that everything happens for a reason. My doctor came to the conclusion that it was a blighted ovum, so he said that the good news is I can try again right away if I was ready, and that not to expect it to happen again. Thank you for checking up I do appreciate. And hopefully soon I can tell you about my healthy baby as well. Thank you all for sharing your stories with me! Smile

  • I am so sorry for your loss. Miscarriage is a major loss whether you are 6 weeks pregnant or full-term. I wish you had gotten better news. It is great that you can try again. Many of the women I know who have miscarried were able to become pregnant again the very next month. If that is what you try to do, I wish you the best of luck. Take care of yourself and get some rest. I hope the D&C isn't too bad. Check back in with us when you get a chance.

  • I am so sorry this has happened to you.  This happened to me 2 1/2 yrs ago, but I had miscarried at home which was horrible.  I am happy to say that I am currently pregnant at 26 wks  along. I was worried during my first trimester but I had no problems.  You will be pregnant again.  Wishing you the best.



  • Thank you, i wish it was better news as well. But yes there is hope to get pregnant again soon! I'm sure not as quick as a month I don't know if I could handle things that quick. Yet it is good to hear people have been able to get pregnant that quick with successful results! My doc says tomorrow will only take about 8 minutes, so my fingers are crossed that it won't be too bad as well. Congrats Frankie197 on your pregnancy! That is very exciting. Good Luck with everything. I hope you the best! Smile

  • i had the same thing happen to me and the saw the h/b at 8 weeks i dont wonna give you false hope b/c you never know but after my doc said to me oh you'll probely just misscarry i was nevous  the hole time it is scarry thing being pregers i hope everything is fine

  • Hugs to you, Krwalt! I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. But you seem to be in good spirits, which is very important.

  • My Dear,God will bless you with a child that is yours as soon as you try again.Eveything happen for a reason.God knows about it and i am sure that God is working on your favour even though we may not understand it as human.Hope the D&C goes well.Take care.                    

  • I am so sorry for your loss.  I too have went thru the same thing.  It took a while for them to find a heartbeat but eventually at about 6 1/2 weeks they did.  Everything was great for a weeks after. In fact I saw the heartbeat right before Christmas and the baby had limbs.  Then a week later I went to the bathroom and had a few drops of blood, no cramping at all.  I called the doc and went right there.  Although I couldn't see blood in my urine, they did a quick strip test and said there was 3X the amount of blood in my urine so I knew something was horribly wrong.  They took me in for an ultrasound and I saw my baby but no heartbeat and you see my uterus contracting in on the sac.  I was 11 weeks and devastated.  I had to have a D&C and I recovered very well physically, but not emotionally. I had a family member who had gotten pregnant within weeks of our announcement of our pregnancy, so I had to witness her bulging belly all the time and I was so depressed.  I was told to wait at least 3 months for my body to recover.  I wanted to try right away but followed the doctors orders.  We waited  3 months and then started trying.  Within 3 months of trying we were pregnant again!!  I was nervous the whole time. I found myself somedays feeing great and then I would think oh no, I am not sick to my stomach something is wrong!!  Nothing was wrong.  At about 12 weeks I rented a fetal doppler and it gave me so much comfort. When I thought something was wrong I whipped it out and found my baby's heartbeat and would know everything was ok.  She is now 8 weeks old and she is the biggest blessing!  Just follow doc's orders and pray about it and I am sure everything will work out in the end.  I didn't know then, but I do know now that everything happens for a reason!! I got my beautiful baby in the end!!