Preterm Labor

  • I'm currently at 32-33 weeks and dialated to 3cm.  We had a doctor's appointment last Thursday and because I had been traveling for a funeral my OB decided to check my cervix.  It just so happened that I was dialated to 1 cm and lost my mucus plug!  Luckily my wonderful doctor and nurses stopped the labor but I'm now on bed rest until the baby comes, hopefully after another week or two, but possibly tomorrow. 

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to keep myself busy, keep my husband happy, and not go absolutely insane?  Does anyone have a similar story?

  • I'm sorry to hear that you're on bed rest!  I hope that I don't wind up having to do that.  Anyway, my best suggestions are to find some good books to read or movies to watch.  Get started on your baby book if you haven't done so already.  Maybe start a scrapbook for your little one beginning with your pregnancy.  You could start a journal.  I'm not that into crafty things, but you could try something like cross-stitch or crochet.  My mom loves to crochet, but it takes lots of time to make something.  At the very least that could be a good option to fill some time.

    Good luck!  Let us know how it all turns out (when you get a chance)

  • There was a thread on this not too long ago that had a lot of good suggestions. Try running a search for it and see what comes up. 

    I feel your pain LeslieAnn! Bed rest can be challenging, but a much needed break for your body. I was on bed rest for a few weeks with my first pregnancy and kept busy with writing and TV. Someone suggested taking advantage of Netflix, which I thought was a great idea.

  • The best advice is to stay positive and try to keep yourself occupied.  I was pregnant with my second child and ended up in the hospital at 29-weeks for the entire rest of the pregnancy.  It was awful having to be away from my 3-year-old and my husband, but we got through it.  Many friends and family came up with great ideas to keep me busy with different craft ideas, a journal, scrapbook.  But, sometimes all I could do was just lie there reading a book, watching tv or napping.  Just remember, you're doing all this for a very good reason-to have a healthy, term baby!  I'm currently pregnant with my third child at 23-weeks and already on bedrest at home due to preterm contractions.  I am doing my best to be able to stay home with my two children, but do the best for baby also.  It's hard, but just keep telling yourself it's worth it....and you're able to be home and not in the hospital.  That's a huge positive right there!  Good luck!

  • I definately feel you melissajane! I'm on bedrest also I'm currently 36 weeks but I've been on bedrest since 32 weeks. I was put on bedrest because I started dialating and then around 33 weeks I started having those contractions that you  had too. they put me on meds and I'm will be getting off them today! I will definately be early since I'm 80% ready to go. I suggest to everyone if your on bedrest get as much sleep as you can because soon you wont have the opportunity to do so. My family has been really supportive of everything and came over to help get things put together like the nursery that I hadn't finished or they went to the store for me. I know its hard to stay down but do something you love to do that doesn't envolve moving around. I like to read or soon I'm gonna make the pillows that are going on my rocking chair.  Watch movies or T.V.  or find some music you like and just let that play. If you haven't already write a list of what your going to need in the hospital! I'm taking my labtop and music so that I can be distracted with something in the hospital during those contractions! Ask yourself what you need to take with you. what do you want to wear after you don't have to wear that hospital gown anymore! what are you putting the baby in? I just recently found out that my hospital provides spa robes and slippers. some people like to have some candies that theyy can suck on. I'm taking some sugarless gum with me just in case. What do you want to take for your coach?  I'm gonna take some dvds and other things for my mom to do while we are there. Just remember that all this stuff is important too! And you'll end up thinking about ALL of it on bedrest lol you'll get bored at some point no doubt about it!

    but to everyone who is on bedrest hang strong its for the best and it will be over!

  • I was on bed rest for 6+ weeks until I delievered. It was horrible. Half of it, I was stuck in the hospital. So if your at home, it makes a world of a difference. From my experience, I ran out of things to do quite early. I constantly thought of the things I could be getting done. But after I had two screaming babies at home, I occasionally thought of the bed rest and how nice it would be to sit, relax and even sleep for awhile. Think of it as a little vacation before you have your baby. Get as much sleep as possible. We all know how little you get after you have a baby!

  • just try to read and keep busy knitting blankets for the baby!Geeked


  • ohhh bedrest is the WORST feeling ever. I also went into preterm labor with my 1st child at 32 weeks. I stayed positive and focused on keeping him in there and he was born full term and 8lbs 2oz Surprise My favorite thing to do while I was resting was read books....lots and lots of books....good luck and i hope the little one stays put for a while!!