Packing for the Hospital

  • I am almost 29 weeks with my 3rd child.  When do you think is a good time to pack for the Hospital? My husband thinks I'm rushing everything and that we have plently of time to get things done. I want to have everything purchased and ready - the bassinet, car seat, stroller etc. What are your opinions?

  • I'm right there with you! I'm 33 weeks 2morrow and i dont have everything either.  WE have the crib( but no matteress) we have the car seat and stroller, but no high chair or diaper bag. I was thinking about that too, but we dont even have a "plan of action" for when i go into labor. I still need to make the hospital bag too because my boyfriend is saying to wait also. I say we pack the bag and get it ready so that we it's one less thing we worry about andwhats the worst they can do? Unpack it but why would they want to do that?

  • There are some things that you can wait to get or do and some things that are better to have done before baby gets here.  I'm also about 29 weeks pregnant and I haven't packed my bags yet, but we do have bassinet, car seat, stoller, crib, changing table, diaper bag.  If you're going to have a baby shower then maybe you'll get some of the things you need then, if not then you might as well start buying things as you can afford them.  It would be SOOOO expensive to buy everything all at once and it's better to have the essentials a bit early just in case baby makes an early debut.

    As far as the hospital bag goes I think that I'll have mine packed by 36 weeks.  I've started picking up some of the items to fill the bag, but haven't put anything in it yet.  Again, better early than late in this situation.  My daughter's due date was March 17, they were planning on doing a c-section around March 9, but she actually came on March 2.  Glad I was ready, my baby shower was 4 days before she was born!

    I'd say it's best to go with your instincts and get things ready.  Our men don't understand what we're going through and it saves us a lot of stress later on if we get things done now.  The things I'd say to wait on would be the high chair, exersaucer, etc.  All those things are really for older babies.  I used my daughter's bouncy seat to feed her in when she first started cereal and jar food.  Anyway, good luck to both of you, hopefully some of my info helps you!

  • Personally I'm big on getting things prepared early because you never know what will happen. Plus I'll admit, it was kinda fun picking out the things my child was going to use. I agree I let the older stuff wait until we knew better which our daughter was likely to use, but the "to-go" bag was ready well in advance (months), as were the crib, high chair and boppy, among other things. I find it better to be prepared than to find yourself wishing you had at the wrong moment.

  • Well to be honest with you, this will be my first child and the minute I found out I was pregnant, I was already coming up with names and buying baby books lol. Then I think maybe a month or two later, I got a bag and started packing some of the stuff for the hospital that I have extra of.... eg. lotion, eyeglass cleaner, lipgloss, etc.

    My husband and I already have a carseat and crib. My family is supposed to provide the mattress for the crib and a stroller and other essentials. I'm 31 weeks along and they still haven't bought the stuff so I dunno.... lol.

  • At this point I've been putting things off a bit when it comes to packing.  I haven't really done anything with it since the last time I posted on here.  Now I'm 31 weeks and although I know that I should be packing pretty soon, I haven't done anything past the basics yet.  It would help if I knew if I was having a c-section or vaginal birth, but I may not know that beforehand.  I guess I'll just have to get motivated and pack accordingly for either one.  I should probably do it within the next month, especially since I think that my due date is off by a week or two.  If he came a week or two earlier than that then I could potentially have a baby in a month or 6 weeks instead of 9!

  • Well, sometimes rushing husband is usefull Big Smile

    my opinion is to get every thing packed and organized before one month from the due date. I hope you do good and to have a healthy baby

  • I think that you are not rushing... dads are just always ALOT more calm. I think you just get it all done and with plenty of time..... hey you never know. Remember you are not on your time you are on baby time!

  • As a childbirth educator and a mom of two and one on the way, I always tell my clients it's never too early.  As for personal experience, my water broke at 29-weeks with my second child and I didn't leave the hospital for 10-weeks quite unexpectedly.  This time, I am already prepared for the what-if's.  You never know when preterm labor is going to happen, even in healthy pregnancies.  Also, you don't need everything listed in the baby books to take with you.  Remember, you have to take it all back home, plus baby and all baby's gear!  Take the basics that you need to get you through, not all the extras that you'll probably never end up using anyways.  Good luck to everyone out there and may you all have healthy, happy experiences!

  • to all the ladies out there it really is never too early to pack those bags because you could start preterm labor (like I did).  My doctor stopped mine but just remember you really don't know when that baby is coming ^_^ My bag was not packed when I was sent to the hospital to try to stop mine and I felt very unprepared. but take a hospital tour (if you can to all those bedrest people!!) Ask as many questions as you can. Everything you aren't sure of! I found out my hospital provides slippers and robes and also a dvd player they have in room refrigerators and a little kitchen down the hall  for coaches to make some food for themselves. I'm a first time mom myself and when I went to get my Rhogam shot in the birthing unit they happily provided me with a tour even though we weren't scheduled to do one. but find out what the hospital will help provide you with: pads, diapers, ...anything important most are always happy to help and provide you answers.

    I don't have EVERYTHING I'm going to need but I have what I need for after shes born. I know like a high chair you wont use right away so don't sweat that and if friends or family have something that you can use and its still in good shape and itts offered to you and you dont have it DONT REFUSE IT!!! its just a little money that your saving so that you can get something else you may want. I have a bunch of friends that had babies not too long ago (like a few months) and they are giving me stuff thats brand new because newborns will grow out of things rather quickly.

    I hope some of that helps any new moms like me for packing and getting stuff for baby. my helpful hint is to ask other new mothers what they did and they will tell you and help you. I know my friends that are still early in their pregnancy are asking me what I did for this and that and I ask my friends who have already had theirs since I'm so close to going in to labor.  Don't be shy either ask anything and everything so you have an idea of whats happening! ^_^

  • When i was pregnant with my baby girl I had my hospital bag packed and ready to go when i was 35 weeks because you never know what might happen. And i already had the bassinet, diapers, baby swing, changing table ect. Put together and ready to go. Not to mention i cleaned the house every day just in case that today was the big day. LOL my husband thought i was going nuts.

  • Honestly, I'm 28 weeks and we're getting everything done NOW! I want to enjoy the rest of the summer, so I don't want to be rushing around. I'm getting induced at 38 weeks, but as for the hospital bag, I have travel size everything in a bag so I just throw everything in and go. This is baby #2, and I did not even look at most of the things when I went in last time. As for clothes and everything, I'm waiting until 35 weeks, and putting it all in a suitcase then.