Pregnant on Mother's Day

  • The first time I realized I was really going to be a mother was Mother’s Day when I was carrying our first child. My husband surprised me with breakfast in bed and gave me a necklace with a family pendant. It was so sweet I cried. How have you celebrated Mother’s Day?

  • I haven't really had any big Mother's Day celebrations yet.  I've never had a man in my life that thought to do anything and of course, it's my mom's big day too.  Usually she and I would go out to lunch and shop for a bit.  Last year we bought each other flowers to plant outside.

    This year is probably going to be a bit different.  I know that my fiance has already bought some sort of gift.  He's banned me from riding in his Jimmy for several days now because he said my gifts are too big to hide in the house so he has to leave them out there.  I think we're celebrating Saturday and I'm very curious to see what he came up with.  He's always very thoughtful and most of the time I'm not expecting whatever his gift turns out to be.

    Happy Mother's Day to all the other mommies!

  • I'm expecting my first and my mom gave me a card and signed it Adrian (that's what we're naming him) I thought it was so cute & I cried in the restraunt! Wimp, I know! Sometimes it just seems much more real than other times. And I can't wait to have him with me next mom's day :)

  • ME TOO! I was a couple days late and my husband was begging me to take a test but i wanted to wait a full week.  I got up early on mothers day to let the dog out and thought i would give it a try...Big fat possitive! Instantly! It was the best feeling!  I grabbed it and ran and jumped on the bed to wake my hubby up(acually hurt him when i jumped. Oops)  We were so excited.  We wrapped it up and gave it to my mom for brunch that day, she screamed so loud & waved the stick around! :)  Then we took a couple more tests, called my doc & got blood work to confirm. The next day we sent our family "i love auntie" bibs and little ducky booties to share the news. The excitment just built untill they recieved there packages and called to congradulate! this is our first pregnancy and just found out the heart is already beating, we pray everyday for a healthy baby and family. We feel so blessed. 

  • kmbash-Wanted to say congrats on your pregnancy!  It sounds like you're all very excited about your little one.  It's really great if you've already been to the doctor to see the heartbeat!  I had to wait until 12 weeks this time around (I'm 35 weeks now) and it was driving me crazy the whole time.  Anyway, I'm wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.  Keep us up to date on what's going on!  It's always fun to hear from pregnant ladies!

  • get conception date was MOTHERS DAY! pretty awesome, i must say for myself. this is my second child....hopefully a little girl this time!!