Need some opinions on baby names

  • Hi, I am 13 weeks pregnant and cannot stop going back and forth on names. My favorite child name ever since elementary school all the way to now is

    Nevaeh Rayne

    then I thought of

    Summer Storm

    April Rayne

    I am not sure what the baby is I am hoping a girl but I did think of a boy

    Spencer Jay

    or maybe something else it is really important to have jay in it since that is my fathers and a family name. The father of the baby doesnt want it named after him but I would like to his name is Richard James... Help please

  • Lindsay-

    I love that you are coming up with your own names.  Working with kids I see so many Cayden, Caden and Emma's.  I suppose it's like those of us from the late 70s names Jennifer and Jessica.  Is there a way to compromise with dad's family and keep your family name in there but then incorporate some of their wants to?

    Keep us posted!


  • I love the boy name you have picked out! So cute - very nice name. I also think April is my favorite of your girl names - a very sweet one. Good luck!
  • Are you going to find out what you are having or are you going to wait until the baby is born? I always liked names that use a family name somewhere in there, so I like the fact that you are trying to incorporate Jay in the name.....Spencer James or Spencer Jay is nice and unique enough to be fun.

  • Hey I have decided on Summer Rayne for a girl and Spencer Jay for a boy. Thanks for all the advice and support.

  • Cute! Put up pics after the baby comes so we can all see! :-)
  • if u would like to keep jay in the baby name try jaymson or jayson jayshawn for girl jayne sonjay jaycee

  • I love the name April as well but all of your names are great!  My husband name is Jayson so I would highly encourage that one for a boy but Spencer is definately nice too.