Am not liking the over-emotional stuff

  • Because of my pregnancy, its harder for me to control my reactions to everything. I end up regretting the things i say when i get mad at my husband. Does anybody know how i can control my anger?



  • Strangedreamer- It sounds like you are suffering from a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. That is so hard! It might help by having a talk with your husband when you are not feeling upset. Telling how you are feeling and how your emotions are hard to control may help him be able to better help you as well as offer him some assurance that your anger isn't just at him, but rather due to your hormones. One thing that might help is that when you are feeling that anger surge, take a deep breath, and try to step back from the situation. You can even say to him "I need to take a time out to collect myself", step back and collect your thoughts. It might help to go for a walk, sit down and close your eyes and take some deep breaths, listen to a calming song, write in a journal-whatever it is that find helps to calm you. Then once you have some perspective go back to the conversation or situation. Often in taking that step back acknowledging that it is hormones that are making you feel so irritable will help calm you. I really do think, though, that if you are both on the same page so far as him knowing that you know your extra edgy due to hormones might really help. What have other moms experienced that has been helpful in dealing with this? Keep us posted strangedreamer, -Jess
  • was able to avoid a major outburst yesterday :D my husband Adrian was in the kitchen helping me clean and i started getting aggravated because my hand was hurting and my little brother was taking his time walking around instead of doing what i asked. when a plate slipped out of my hands i wanted to brake it but i took a breath and just walked away from the sink before any damage was done. later Adrian came in and rubbed my back to help calm me down. we talked a bit and i was able to return back to work all tension behind me. i also decided to switch to my left hand for scrubbing. thanks so much jess :) the breathing technique really helped.

  • Hi my name is Nikki I just had 2 set's of identical twin's.I had a boy and girl then girl and girl.There name's are the first set the girl is  SERINA then my son's name is SHANE, Then next are my other set of twin's and they are both girl's there name's are SAVANNA and  SHYLYN.  So I had four babies all at once and they are like one in a million and everyone keep's telling me ow you should enjoy them and it's not that I m not I am just so emotinal about every single thing I  swear I spend most of my day crying because anything to do with them or one of my other children set's me off like I have 1 and a half year old twin's and they will like take the bottle and put it in there sister's mouth or there brother mouth and I start bawling like a baby it doesn't take much to make me mad either there dad cad dress them wrong or burp them wrong we are in that fight everyday cause we also have the older one's to ,But to me H e is trying to make the 1 year old's grow up to fast ,its nice to know I am not the only one with these emotinal roller coaster ride going on well write back and we can help each other on the fun stuff cause I can tell you what to expect I have older ones okay bye. NIKKI

  • I, too, felt a lot of emotions while pregnant and I think you are quite normal! One thing that helped me is to be open and always in communication with the people around me. If I said something I regretted to my husband, I would share with him that I didn't like how my temper flared, how sorry I was, and that it seemed to go together with the pregnancy. He was able to not take things super personally because he understood why I was emotional. I also echo Jess_BabyRN's suggestion of literally walking to another room and taking a time out when you need to. I'm glad you were able to use her suggestions already! Hang in there!