New Due Date

  • Well I was planning to have my daughter Sept 2nd, but its been jumped up a few days Aug. 31st 2011!  It's been a long rough 9 months. Gestational Diabetes, toe injury, special diets, not eating what Im CRAVING for and tons of MOODINESS! The song I wake up to in my head every morning now is "It's the FINAL COUNT DOWN" husband and I along with my boys and tons of family and friends are extremely excited to see who has caused all this ruckus Big Smile..I want to say thanks for all the advice and calming words everyone has giving me during this time. Smooches!

  • I am so excited for you that the time is drawing near.  What excitement-the birth of a new baby and a new family member!  I hope that you will drop us a line with some stats on the new one once he/she enters the world.  CONGRATS!


  • YES - so soon! :-) I am super excited for you and so glad that you have made it and are going to be done with the craziness of the ups and downs of pregnancy. Having that little baby in your arms will make it all fade away sooner than you know. Do something to pamper yourself in these last days!