Not feeling pregnant at 12 weeks?? Help

  • Hello everyone. I am 12 wks and 2 days pregnant today. I havent been feeling pregnant. My breasts have quit hurting totally and i have only got sick one which was during my twelve week. The only thing i have been having are headaches everyday. i last went to the doc at 10 wks and heard the babies heart beat but i havent been back since and i have 2 more weeks to go till i go back. Idk whats wrong wit me...i keep wondering if my babys stil alive. since ive found out i was pregnant i keep fearing ive had a miscariage, even hearing the heart beat isnt reassuring..I havent bled once though.

  • Heathermariesug- It sounds as though you have some real concerns about your pregnancy and baby. The first thing that I am going to tell you about motherhood is that your intuition is very important. You will learn to listen to your intuition above all else, as mom's know their babies better than anyone else and their gut feelings are often very accurate. Given this, in addition to reporting headaches I would love to have you get in to see him/her ASAP. I'd love an update to hear about what he/she says and to hear how you are feeling. I will be sending positive energy your way. Take care, Jess
  • I felt that way too in the begining, it felt like the first 12 weeks lasted forever and eventhough I was getting bigger and gaining some weight I just kept thinking something was wrong with my twins but by 16 weeks or so I could feel tiny kicks and knew they were okay.  Hang in there, you will feel pregnant in the middle of the second trimester or so.

  • Don't worry... you will be feeling pregnant soon enough! As long as you don't feel anything wrong, don't worry! One of these days you will be saying how crazy when you didn't feel pregnant!

  • Hi Heathermariesug - if your OB knows about your headaches and has said you are healthy and fine, I would try to relax and realize you are really quite normal. There is a period of time at the end of the first trimester where your first signs of pregnancy have settled out and you are not quite feeling the kicks and growing belly yet. Usually people feel the kicks anywhere from 18-22 weeks and start growing a bit more around then too. Sometimes you really don't feel all that different from normal but you will soon enough. Hang in there - you are a good mother - you care so much for your child already! :-)

  • Thank you guys for all taking the time to write me Big Smile i really appreciate it. I called and talked to my ob an she said to wait until my next apt which is not this thursday but the next, unless s=i have bleeding or something happens. An i went to the dentist for a toothache yesterday an learned i will have to have oral surgery an have 3 teeth cut out and itll b to stressful on me to wait till i have the baby to do it...i am a big baby when it comes to shots an the dentist! now im realy stressin it an im scared ill hurt the baby goin to have the surgery an freakin out so bad like i kno i will :(

  • heathermariesug-

    I'm so glad that you called your doc today.  I was concerned about your headaches.  It sounds like you were given some good reassurance, and that makes me feel better too!  I wonder if your teeth are the cause of your headaches.  Did you ask the dentist about this?  I know just what you mean about being apprehensive about having dental work done.  I am the same way.  I found that by letting my dentist know ahead of time that I was feeling fearful he was able to help me get prepared and get through the procedure.  It helped me to take my cd player (this was pre-ipod days) with a few favorite CDs.  I put the headphones on, closed my eyes and pretended I was on a nice sunny beach, and not at the dentist.  This helped me a lot!!  Keep us posted as your pregnancy progresses.  You will find the members here to be very supportive and have a lot of good advice as well.

    Take care,


  • keep you head up. i am 12 weeks right now and all i a doing is keeping my head up. if you strees out alot its not good for the baby at all thats what all my friends are saying to me so i am trying to keep strees out of my life right now. i am sure everything is ok

  • I'm glad your doc affirmed everything is fine. The dentist, on the other hand, is no fun! So sorry you have to go through oral surgery right now. I echo JessBaby's comment and would try to have some music loaded up for you to listen to and ask the dentist for any other suggestions they may have to help you relax. At least at the end of it all, you will hopefully feel better all around and be able to focus on a health and happy pregnancy!