How many April babies do we have?

  • I'm due April 5th!

  • AMwith4-

    CONGRATS!!!  The big day will be here before you know it!  Is this your first baby?  What are you most excited about?  I hope that you will continue to keep us posted so that we can do our best to support you as you go through your pregnancy.

    Take care,


  • Oh no, Jessica!  Not a first time mom, but it has been a while...I'm the one with 9 year old triplets.



  • I'm due April 11th! :) Lets see who goes first lol

  • I'm due April 23rd!! :))

  • I'm due on 2nd April.Smile

  • Wonderful news all!  Keep us posted.  What a spring it will be here on strongmoms! 

    :) Jess

  • I'm due April 28th
    I just turned 19 and have never really dealt with babies before! I'm so nervous, but I found this site so hopefully it will help!

  • I am due April 4th. Smile

  • Due April 21 with #2 - can't wait to find out boy or girl!

  • Lots of good April babies! :-) Keep us up to speed on how you all are doing!

  • Due April 25th!  FTM. :)


  • im due Apirl 25th !!!! <3

  • sj2012051 dont be nervous,. im a first time mother too. im 22yeras old. being nervous only makes you sick. ladiona