What music should I play for baby

  • Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and wanted to get some advice from all you moms out there. For starters I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby a boy Smile and couldn't be happier. I was told that I should start singing and playing lullabies for him. The only problem is that he doesn't seem to like any lullaby I've played for him so far, he always seems to kick me more and harder at times too. So I was going through different kinds of music tonight to see which he likes the most and techno seems to do the trick. He would calm down and even seem to bee-bop a little. Is this something I should worry about? I thought all babies like lullabies and classical music. It's almost an odd choice of music for the baby to like but I guess he takes after his daddy on that, hehe.

  • Lilpenquin-

    I love that you are playing music for that baby boy!  That is great. :)  I would just try a variety of music and see what he likes.  He may like different things at different times, just like most people.  I think that there is some old research that looks at classical music, but can't remember that details on that.  I'd say just try different types.  See what help him relax, what gets him moving, and everything inbetween.

    Keep us posted, I'd love to hear what you learn,


  • With breakfast this morning I was listening to the radio and they were playing reggae mix to wake up to he would flutter at times and others not do anything, I think maybe he didn't know what to take of it. As they changed the mix to alternative rock such as Blink 182, rem, incubus he seemed to have a different reaction to each band and their songs. Eli, that's what we're naming him, doesn't like heavy metal, bluegrass or really high pitched singing. This is so much fun finding out what he does like and trying different times to play them. I do think I'll try the classical music again tonight maybe borrow one of my brothers' cd's this time.  

  • I love the way you are so in tune with your little boy inside of you! When Eli kicks harder and faster with music, it actually might be him reacting positively to the music. Many babies kick and wiggle around with excitement when they hear music they enjoy. My little boy certainly loved to move to music and still does! I think a lot of different kinds of music is a great idea for kids - the most important thing is volume. Make sure the volume on the music is at a easy listening level as little kids' hearing is important to protect. Congrats on your little boy - only two more months!

  • In my experience, babies are just like adults when it comes to music... everyone is different. More than the type of music, to me it is also a matter of what time of day it is and what kind of mood baby might be in that day, The fun part is you get to experiment to see what works!

  • I agree....sometimes their kicks are the way they show you they are enjoying something! Just try a variety of songs and musical beats. I liked classical such as Chopin when I wanted to soothe them, techno beats when I wanted them to be more alert, and even musicals ( like Wicked etc) when I just wanted to sing along!